Company establishment and registration services

Our team will help you save time and significant financial resources, as well as diminish possible risks that might occur if the local procedures and deadlines are not followed correctly.

We provide full company establishment and registration services in Europe and also globally in other locations, which may include:

  • Consultancy on local formal incorporation and type of entity
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and any other legal documents needed for registration
  • Preparation and filing of registration application to competent Trade Registry
  • Registration at Fiscal Authorities – for VAT, CIT and Intra-Community Operators Registry (RIO)
  • Registration of any required special business license, if applicable
  • Registration of share capital and current bank account(s)
  • Information on any legal compliance changes related to the company
  • Representation in front of the local authorities

In addition, we can arrange all the necessary documentation for opening a bank account for your newly established company and provide its administration via our trust services (based on your instructions and approval).

Also, if you wish to avoid the burden of all administrative issues that might occur when looking for a headquarters for your company and also decreasing all the costs involved with your company offices, we can offer you an already registered seat and support you with all administrative and secretarial matters.

We are aware that the incorporation process is only the first challenge of a new business; therefore we come to your help with a set of full services meant to ensure your company’s full operation.

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We have years of experience in supporting businesses to grow internationally. If you are a well-established company willing to expand to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine we offer you free consultancy, that may include:

  • Brief analysis of your needs based on the information provided
  • Country-specific aspects that may be important to your investment
  • Basics of legal, tax and accounting rules applicable for you