Local representation services

The latest sudden and massive restrictions of the cross-border mobility of individuals, imposed by most countries globally, brought quite a challenge for international businesses. There is a lack of representative officers physically present in the country and, among others, they seem to struggle maintaining certain functions remotely and keeping the business going as usual.

Having many years of experience in providing corporate and legal consultancy to our clients globally, we are ready to support your international business entities with local representation services, by filling in the function of the local representative officer. We are ready to provide our services and act as a proxy holder, employee manager or attorney-in-fact.

Proxy Holder

After being appointed as the Proxy Holder we represent the company and act on its behalf in all business matters in general, if expressly agreed upon, including specific cases. The Proxy Holder has a general or specific authorization undersigned by a lawyer or a notarized one to prove their exact rights and possibilities to represent the company at third parties. The activities of the Proxy Holder are agreed in advance with every client and can be fully customized.

Employee Manager

The Employee manager, as the member of the board subordinated to the CEO, represents the company in general, including specific cases such as property transactions and others. The Employee Manager is registered based on the Commercial Register to ensure transparency of communication towards all parties involved – including business partners and employees. The Employee Manager has independent signing right, but they work under the tight supervision of the CEO.


By granting us a Power of Attorney, you can appoint us to act on behalf of your company as its representative with a fully pre-agreed scope to fit your specific needs. To settle the function of the Attorney-in-fact is rather simple, fast and yet effective – based upon the signing of one legal document. Compared to the Proxy Holder, the services provided based on the Power of Attorney may not be sufficient to cover some specific situations the business entity may face.

Full range support for international businesses

By choosing our representation services, you can also count on our further support covering all critical administrative functions by using our full-range BPO services in the areas of accounting, payroll and tax compliance – while benefiting from the utilization of all services by a single provider under one roof.

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We have years of experience in supporting businesses to grow internationally. If you are a well-established company willing to expand to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine we offer you free consultancy, that may include:

  • Brief analysis of your needs based on the information provided
  • Country-specific aspects that may be important to your investment
  • Basics of legal, tax and accounting rules applicable for you