Automated employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)

ESOP, or employee stock ownership plan represents a smart way of granting equity to other individuals. They are typically known as exit strategies for founders, but recently they gained more recognition as employee benefits or private pension plans, to attract and retain the best talents on the market. Employee stock options are becoming the powerhouse that boosts loyalty and motivation by giving employees a deeper, more personal involvement with the business – and we are ready to make happen for your company.

Employee stock options: quick, online and fully compliant

Setting up an effective and compliant employee stock ownership plan usually takes weeks of time. Our solution allows you to automate and streamline the whole process without a huge learning curve – in fact, your ESOP schemes can be ready in just a few clicks. From creating an option plan for the founders, inviting their colleagues, up to identity verification for the digital signing of the so-called ESOP contracts, everything is handled under 20 minutes. This not only saves an incredible amount of time, but also costs spent on consulting services and compliance. In addition, we also provide a calculation of company shares your employees acquire after the vesting period.

The powerful benefits of employee stock ownership plans for forward-thinking founders and ambitious employees

Make your ESOP workflow simple and streamlined with our online solution:

Zero financial implications and liability for your company: options are issued over a part of founder’s share, not subject to auditing or accounting

Flexible option pool: Establish an option pool over a part of your shares and increase or decrease its size anytime

Easy implementation and online management of options: our platform with 24/7 availability allows you to manage and deploy options within a matter of minutes

Unique way of financing in start-ups: Make the salaries of your employees competitive by offering employee options and allow them to invest into their future

Tax-efficient participation scheme for employees: thanks to the option exercise period, the moment of taxation can be postponed to infinity

Significant costs and time saved for all parties involved: avoid investing thousands and spending weeks to build a valuable ESOP scheme and benefit from our cost-effective solution

Specifically designed for limited liability companies: LLCs’ are the most common company type and we are ready to fulfil their formal requirements

Focusing on European jurisdiction: we are among the first providers who offer a practical tool for EU-based companies with a wide international application regardless of domicile

Build a business everyone wants to work for: attract the best talents on the market as a top employer with an interesting benefit system and high-level job security

Nurture employee participation for overall company success: boost the involvement of your employees and bring openness, transparency, dedication and motivation in your working environment