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Due to the complex, demanding statutory frameworks and ever-changing legislation differing by country, the agenda of global payroll and HR administration has proved to be exhausting, challenging and resource-consuming. Especially when managed inhouse yet on a multi-country level.

Our global payroll capabilities

Engaging nearly 2,500 professionals globally, we process at least 200,000 pay slips monthly while our customers are mostly mid-size and international Fortune 500 companies from various sectors. Our solutions are scalable to any organization – from one employee to thousands. Our processes are audited for business continuity, top-level security, quality and environmental management according to global ISO and ISAE standards.

We cover over 50 jurisdictions globally

We engage nearly 2,500 professionals

We provide services to more than 15,000 clients

We process at least 200,000 payslips monthly

Delivering local compliance expertise

Using our global payroll and HR administration services, with guaranteed local compliance, your HR leaders can have the peace of mind that all statutory requirements are met across all the countries your organization operates in. Our experienced in-country HR and payroll experts, backed up by our inhouse teams of legal and tax advisors, ensure that you are not exposed to any risk of non-compliance.

Making sure your employees get paid on time

Delivering our global payroll and HR services fully online makes certain that the continuity of this critical business function is kept under all circumstances – meaning, the salaries of your employees are distributed on time and your duties towards local authorities are fully covered.

Elevating the online user experience

Moreover, your organization gains access to unlimited possibilities of automation, continuous innovation and best-breed middleware payroll solutions. Engagement with our payroll, HR and T&A online portals elevates the user experience of your HR teams and, most importantly, of all your employees.

Your employees can use the portal anytime they want to view their payslips, use the online ticketing system for communication with the dedicated payroll accountant or your HR team, fill in data for their yearly tax clearance, request time-off, approve vacation, plan working time and shifts, manage business travel or settle travel expenses. All of these – and much more – can be achieved over a simple yet secure login and password protected access.

The functionality of the portal for your HR teams go far beyond just regular document management and workflows, as it provides various HR administration modules as well. To name a few, the portal offers modules for management of the onboarding and offboarding process, time and attendance evidence, benefits administration, employee performance evaluation, administration of internal trainings, employee surveys and more.


Discover how we helped a global corporation with handling large-scale payroll and HR administration for over 23,000 employees in 11 countries.

Improving control and visibility on a global level

Centralizing the payroll and HR functions under one global payroll provider offers better control and visibility. These are achieved through an effective service delivery model that helps to simplify, streamline and automate your global payroll and HR processes across multiple locations. Your reporting function is also improved by utilizing all these processes under one online platform and having access to data in real time.

Learn more about our global payroll outsourcing services

When providing our full-range global payroll services, we are confident to meet your highest expectations on full accountability, legislation compliance, top security and desired employee experience. Below you can find the overview of what is included in general but be sure that any service can be added to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Data collection and payroll calculation: Take-over and revision of all input data and pertinent information in order to process an accurate payroll calculation, gross-to-net calculation of all employee deductions, taxes and net salaries in compliance with the statutory requirements; calculation of off-cycle payments
  • Administration of benefits and bonuses: Calculation of benefits and bonuses based on provided schemes, such as medical or life insurance, pension plans, vacation time, sick leave and maternity leave
  • Payslips distribution and payment administration: Generation of payslips in hard-copy and password-protected PDF files, distributed by email or saved on the online self-service portal for employees; preparation of payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities
  • Payroll and HR online portal: Your employees can log in to the portal to access their payslips, ticketing system, fill in data for their yearly tax clearance, request time-off, manage business travel or settle their travel expenses. The usage of the portal by your HR teams goes far beyond regular document management and workflows, as it provides various HR administration modules as well
  • T&A portal: Your employees can keep track of their worked time, overtime, taken or remaining vacation, request for time off or sick leave and then quickly approve it with their managers. In addition, individual or team shift planning can be made via the interactive calendars
  • Hotline support: Handling of payroll inquiries through a highly sophisticated, transparent and trackable online ticketing system
  • Statutory reporting: Regular payroll-related statutory reporting and filing to local authorities, such as the Labour Office, social and health insurance companies, statistics offices and other, including regular communication with these authorities in your country
  • Management reporting: Regular standard reporting package in the agreed scope, as well as any other specific reports your local or global management needs
Payroll, HR and T&A online portal

Let your employees and HR teams engage online and manage tasks over a user-friendly self-service interface.

Benefit from our complementary HR administration services

We are ready to provide a full-range support related to HR administration and employment to your local and global HR teams. Ranging from general tasks, such as management of personal files and preparation of contractual agenda, to more specific HR, taxation, social security or cross-border mobility consulting that helps your HR leaders to make well-informed decisions and tackle all challenges involved when managing HR on multi-country level. Read more about our Global HR administration services.