Case study: Complex payroll and HR administration outsourcing for large business

Our customer

A global IT corporation and its division of managed infrastructure services was looking for a stable partner to handle its large-scale payroll and HR administration for over 23,000 employees in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

As a part of the complex service delivery, they required an online solution for employee and management self-service as a unified interface for all 11 countries in the scope.

Cooperation since 2010

Unified online platform for more than 23,000 employees

Servicing over 30 entities

25% cost reduction on staff, technology and infrastructure
99.99% of KPIs met for the quality of payroll processing in each measurement period

Business impact

  • Comprehensive processing of payroll and HR administration agenda
  • Improvement of the quality and effectiveness of administration related to payroll and HR operations
  • End-to-end yearly tax reconciliation and declaration processing
  • Calculation of non-financial benefits
  • Payroll and HR administration for expats
  • Employee and management self-service portal covering payslips, time and attendance, business trips, benefit management and HR document exchange
  • Flexible portal solution continuously updated with new functions to fit client-specific needs
  • Automation of payroll processes delivered by the integration of client’s internal HRM system with the local payroll systems
  • Shared implementation know-how and its successful cascading from one country to another
  • Single point of contact for effective knowledge management
  • Fast information sharing leveraged by global governance of the Accace Circle community
  • Unified online platform for employees and management across countries

“In our collaboration with the client, we leveraged our extensive experience in payroll outsourcing and HR administration to provide the best possible service. Recognizing their need for seamless, efficient payroll outsourcing and HR administration services, we tailored our approach to meet their specific business requirements. Our dedicated team ensured a smooth transition, providing reliable support every step of the way. Through our efficient processes and seasoned expertise, we succeeded in significantly enhancing their operational efficiency. This freed up their resources to focus on their core business operations. Our partnership is a testament to the value and impact our services can have on large-scale businesses. We are proud to have been their chosen partner in this journey of transformation.”

Jana Vasilenková | Head of BPO at Accace