International start-up accelerator

Nurturing start-ups and ideas into thriving businesses across Europe with AceOn

Starting as a non-profit program for start-ups and businesses under our own civic association, #accacelife, our original idea established back in 2019 soon grew into a complex accelerator. As of 2023, we are excited to join forces with a VC family office and other start-up enthusiasts, exceptional mentors and speakers to create a brand-new accelerator, AceOn. Our accelerator is divided into two rounds: a spring pre-accelerator and an autumn accelerator, nurturing start-ups and exceptional ideas to success within two dedicated programs during the year, with the opportunity to receive investment.

Actively involved with supporting start-ups through accelerators since 2019

6 successful accelerating programs so far – and still counting

Empowered almost 60 start-ups from Slovakia, Czechia, the UK, and Norway

More than 40 expert mentors and speakers involved

Our mission continues with AceOn as we help founders fulfil their aspirations by giving them the chance to nurture their businesses and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we offer an inside look at valuable topics surrounding start-ups, including fundraising, valuation, marketing, business development, founder vesting, utilizing design thinking – and beyond.

Programs for start-ups

Spring Accelerator

The spring round of the Accelerator lasts 2 months and is available online or in a hybrid format. The program is tailored to help start-ups in idea or pre-seed stage, seeking support in building their prototype or minimum viable product (MVP). The Spring Accelerator offers free mentoring, workshops, and lectures from both local and global experts in various fields such as business management, finance or marketing. The program is ideal for scalable tech start-ups with a potential to grow. Applications are open for a maximum of 20 start-ups which will be divided into two groups according to their stage.

The most promising start-ups will have the chance to receive an investment.


  • Applications: January 22, 2024
  • Kick-off: March 19, 2024
  • Finale: May 23, 2024

Autumn Accelerator

The autumn edition of the accelerator lasts 3 months, available online, offline or in a combined hybrid format. The program is designed to assist idea and pre-seed stage start-ups to develop into successful businesses. A maximum of 5 start-ups will be selected in the autumn round, which will then receive an intensive one-on-one mentoring and lectures tailored to their needs. The accelerator is best suited for ambitious founders of visionary start-up ideas with a potential to scale up in the future.


Make connections with in-house professionals, industry experts, entrepreneurs and people who are eager to help. Network with other founders, strategic partners and mentors.

Engage in one-on-one mentoring, lectures and workshops covering a wide range of topics such as fundraising, business development and transfer of knowledge without any cost to your team.

Gain expertise in developing a business strategy and validate your business model. Pitch your concept to an investor and get feedback that helps to progress your plans.