Case study: Takeover and management of shared services centre

Our customer

Our customer is a leading digital communications company and global mobile network operator.

Cooperation since 2016

10% increase of efficiency thanks to redefined activities and responsibilities

Better control and decreased error rate by 75%

99.99% of KPIs met every month

Business impact

  • Management of compliance requirements
  • Detailed management reporting – KPIs met every month at least at 99,99%
  • Efficiency improvements by almost 10% by better split of activities, responsibilities and change of team structure
  • Takeover of Client’s Shared Service Centre in Czech Republic with team of almost 40 employees
  • By taking over of activities performed outside Europe, we decreased error rate by almost 75% and ensured better control over the current processes as well
  • Management of team delivering comprehensive accounting services in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Taking over this project we increased our headcount by almost 40% in Czech Republic while successfully managed the handover of the agenda
  • Reduction of time spent on HR processes, such as hiring of new employees, evaluation, trainings etc. on Client’s side by 100% leaving this responsibility to Accace

“In our partnership with a globally-renowned digital communications company, we successfully took over and managed their Shared Service Centre in the Czech Republic. By seamlessly integrating a team of almost 40 professionals, we further demonstrated our ability to adapt and deliver comprehensive accounting services on a multinational scale. Meeting compliance requirements and maintaining high standards in detailed management reporting, we consistently achieved our KPIs with a near-perfect success rate of 99.99% each month. This experience has underscored our capacity for excellence, reaffirming our place as a trusted and capable partner in diverse sectors.”

Jana Vasilenková | Head of BPO at Accace