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Accace eShop: Simple steps to getting started

October 13, 2020

Virtual interaction, saving time, avoiding unnecessary communication – and most importantly, improved buying efficiency with pricing transparency. These are the main benefits for our customers when engaging with our newly launched eShop. What is our motivation to develop our own e-commerce channel? Read the story behind!

Our customers can now experience the most convenient and transparent way of purchasing our consulting services online. Our offering ranges from market entry services, incorporation and legal support, labour law, tax and accounting advisory, transfer pricing services and much more. Surprises regarding prices and lengthy discussions about what is included and what is part of another service pack are therefore avoided. The eShop also allows for better self-service and browsing experience. As it showcases our products in detail, it further enables an individual research option and smooth purchasing process.

Ready when you are

Experience the fastest way of booking our consultants’ time and delivering our support to you. Browse through our service offering, revise the scope and details on pricing. Order what you need right away or whenever you are ready. Access our consultant’s calendar to book the date and time that fits you. Simple, transparent and faster than ever before.

Order services: Assign work to us

Browse our offer and services in the selected country

Check the details on scope and pricing

Add to cart and checkout for payment

You are done – the work has been assigned to us

Book meetings: Talk to our experts

Pick the service and consultant of the selected country

Book the day and time of your preference directly

Add to cart and go to checkout to finalize your order

You are done – the meeting has been all set up

See how our eShop works

Use our free consultancy to take the first step

One of the main reasons why we decided to offer free consulting on our eShop was to establish a closer relationship with you before making your purchase. This way you get to know us and our dedicated experts and engage in a discussion on your specific needs. In this case, the advantage of the eShop lays in the easy scheduling of the initial meeting.

Consultancy for market entry

Book a 1-hour discussion with an expert of your choice, who will help you address the relevant aspects of expanding your business activities to the country of your interest.

Before you order: Introduction call

Book your one-on-one session before ordering our services. Schedule the 15-minute talk with our dedicated expert to elaborate on your business case. Tell us more about your expectations, what kind of support you need and see what we can offer to you.

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