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Accace and ISO certification

March 7, 2012

The ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 certifications enable Accace to work in fully streamlined processes among various countries and legislation. In addition, it enhances data security, more effective resource planning, coordinated project management as well as streamlined communication by multi-country BPO and advisory service deliveries.

Ensuring security and quality compliance of our BPO and advisory services

Safeguarding the highest level of personal data security, service quality and delivery performance, Accace is certified for System of Information Security Management according to ISO 27001 and quality Management according to ISO 9001. We are also fully compliant with GDPR and guarantee the highest standards of data security.

Our framework to set up an effective environmental management system

In 2019 we also acquired the certification for Environmental management system according to ISO 14001. By using the tools and frameworks provided by the ISO standard, we can guarantee to our clients, colleagues and stakeholders that the environmental impact of our activities is monitored, measured and constantly improved. Read more about our environmental awareness here.

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