Global ESG reporting

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ESG (environment, social, and governance) is a framework that represents a company’s approach to sustainability and ethical responsibility. Currently, it’s a regulatory requirement for larger corporations and specific industries in some jurisdictions, which reflects a growing global emphasis on corporate accountability. The trend towards mandatory ESG reporting is a result of both legal obligations and societal expectations, highlighting the importance of being transparent and ethical in various business sectors.

Even though ESG is not yet mandatory for most companies, voluntary reporting brings several significant benefits. It represents a proactive commitment to sustainable and ethical business operations.

Voluntary ESG Reporting: A strategic move for your business

Voluntary ESG reporting positions your company as a leader in corporate responsibility. The early adoption of ESG practices can provide both competitive and strategic advantages, enhancing your company’s reputation and aligning with the evolving expectations of stakeholders, customers, and business partners. It’s a forward-looking approach that contributes to long-term business success and societal impact.

Benefits of ESG reporting

Strengthen relations with stakeholders

ESG reporting is becoming increasingly important to customers, suppliers, banks and even potential employees who are paying more attention to the environmental, social and administrative aspects of businesses. For instance, it’s becoming very common for banks to request an ESG report or at least a carbon footprint assessment from clients or suppliers. As more companies are preparing the reports, the demand from business partners is likely to increase as well.

Moreover, an ESG report consolidates all relevant information in a single document. This allows your to effectively communicate your company’s efforts in sustainability and social responsibility, to build strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Gain a competitive advantage

ESG reporting goes beyond simple regulatory compliance; it’s a key factor in establishing a competitive advantage. Nowadays, clients are looking for business partners with a clear commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By presenting an ESG report, you send a clear message to your clients about your dedication to positively impact the environment and your willingness to exceed minimum requirements.

Make your business future-proof

With the fast pace of changes in laws and regulations, ESG obligations are expected to soon include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By proactively incorporating ESG into your strategic planning, you’ll be able to adapt more easily to new requirements and stay ahead of upcoming trends in corporate non-financial reporting.

STAND out in the crowd with voluntary esg reporting

See how these 9 transformative benefits of voluntary ESG reporting can give your business a competitive advantage.

How can we help?

We’re ready to develop an ESG report for your business that aligns with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our approach focuses on creating clear, concise reports, presented in an easy-to-overview format that aligns with your brand’s identity and design.

Besides ESG reporting, we can also provide additional consulting for employee development and environmental protection strategies. For instance, our tool for measuring company vitality and social environment can help you measure employee satisfaction and their attitude towards the company, culture and colleagues. The results can be integrated into your ESG report for the employee-related plans and activities.

Our services include a range of specialized offerings designed to meet your ESG needs:

  • Expert consultation to help you set and achieve your ESG goals.
  • Development of comprehensive ESG reports compliant with CSRD.
  • Analysis of company vitality and social environment, with consultation on employee satisfaction
  • Detailed carbon footprint analysis to understand and improve your environmental impact.
  • Guidance and advice in environmental management.
  • Legal consulting focused on effective company management and compliance.

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