Process Analyst and Internal Auditor at Headquarters

This position is no longer available. We are always looking for talented candidates so feel free to submit your CV or look for similar available jobs in our current list of open positions.

We are looking for a colleague for whom analysing, creating, and improving our internal processes in conjunction with internal audits will be an exciting challenge. If you enjoy diversity, are analytical, and have experience in setting up corporate processes, you are likely an ideal candidate for us.

The position is primarily focused on analysing and setting up processes, but you will also be involved in internal auditing, so any experience with auditing (internal/external) is a significant advantage.

The Risk and Compliance department, for which we are hiring, is a global partner for all Accace branches. Our task is to ensure that internal processes, rules, and procedures are always in line with legislation and our corporate strategy.

Quality services are a priority for us, but don’t expect corporate stiffness. Accace has an informal atmosphere, and good relationships are fundamental to us. We like to come up with new solutions and are open to new ideas. We follow values: flexibility, cooperation, trust, commitment, excellence, and passion. These values are reflected in our everyday operation, so, for example, no one is going to tell you how many times per week you have to come to the office. You can work from any of our Accace offices or even from home.

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Key responsibilities

  • Mapping and creating processes across various departments of the company.
  • Collaborating with colleagues to improve existing processes.
  • Presenting processes to responsible individuals, including managers.
  • Overseeing the corporate process structure and proposing adjustments based on current trends.
  • Evaluating the interconnection of a specific process with others throughout the company.
  • Providing support to other company departments and conducting process consultations and trainings.
  • Conducting process audits, evaluating risks, deficiencies, and monitoring tasks resulting from a specific audit.
  • Preparing audit reports and presenting them to responsible individuals.
  • Managing process documentation and continuously updating it to align with current trends, needs, and requirements.


We are looking for a new team member who will play a key role in optimizing and managing internal processes based on outcomes from internal audits. The successful candidate should also have:

  • At least 3 years of experience with process analysis
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Independence, productivity, and responsibility.
  • Knowledge of methodologies and techniques related to process analysis is an advantage.
  • Experience with external or internal audits is a plus.

What we offer


  • Work on interesting projects for international company
  • New challenges and opportunities for career growth
  • Various trainings for improvement of professional and soft skills
  • Language training during working hours

Appreciation, events and culture

  • Motivational bonus system
  • Remuneration for the recommendation of a new colleague/client
  • Yearly THE ACES company awards
  • Teambuilding activities and company celebrations
  • Rich CSR program and volunteer activities within the work

Healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy weeks
  • Massages at the workplace during working hours
  • MultiSport cards partially paid by the employer
  • Participation in the public sport events

Flexibility and work-life balance

  • Any of our offices or remotely 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Inspirational workshops connected to lifestyle topics and personal development
  • Events for children
* The final salary will depend on the skills and experience of the candidate.

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At Accace, we believe in creating more than just a workplace; we build a community. Our open company culture fosters an environment where everyone feels like a team member, connected by common values that we live by each day. With embracing open book management, we empower our team to work transparently, guided by principles of excellence, trust, cooperation, commitment, passion, and flexibility. Joining us means being part of a dynamic ecosystem where your growth is nurtured, your creativity is valued, and where your unique perspectives help shape a collective success. If you’re looking to thrive in a setting that encourages collaboration and personal fulfillment, you are at the right place.

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Who you will be working for

Accace was founded in 2006 as a local accounting firm of 34 employees. Already from the beginning, we noticed our clients’ need to have their internal processes optimized by a single outsourcing provider, which shaped our next steps and company focus. After more than 15 years on the market, Accace has developed into an innovative, full-range BPO and advisory provider, engaging nearly 2,500 professionals and serving over 15,000 clients internationally. Our mission is to support our clients, colleagues and partners in reaching their dreams, while leaving a positive imprint on the world. Guided by our strong values of excellence, cooperation, flexibility, passion, trust, and commitment, we succeed by achieving goals that involve more than just financial accomplishments.
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