Corporate and secretarial services in Spain

Our Spanish team is led by professionals who have years of experience with consultancy for businesses in various industries and sectors. Our aim is to help companies that are entering the market, therefore we have developed a wide range of corporate and secretarial services in Spain,  from the go-to-market research, tailored incorporation and necessary administrative support for the launch of a business to a full package of accounting, tax, payroll outsourcing and consultancy services to ensure smooth operations run in compliance with local regulations.

Go-to-market services in Spain

Focus on growing your business opportunities while our highly experienced local team of legal and corporate services consultants takes care of services such as:

  • Market research, risk analysis and solution-defining consultancy
  • Support by evaluation of the start-up costs
  • Company creation and registration in Spain
  • Consultancy on legal frameworks and local compliance risk exposure
  • Corporate and administrative services for new businesses in the Spanish market
  • Operational structure consulting
  • Support with finding the right business partners in Spain
  • Potential incentives research and definition, statutory framework
  • Due diligence on acquisitions and mergers, other transactions

Incorporation, corporate and secretarial services in Spain

Due to local bureaucracy and the complexity of the ever-changing legislative frameworks establishing, developing and maintaining a business, especially on international level, may require a lot of time and effort. We are ready to support you along the whole journey starting from the incorporation of your business in Spain and during its entire life cycle thus allowing you to focus on finding new business opportunities and sustainable growth instead.

Establishment of a company in Spain

  • Establishment of entities in Spain
  • Tax registrations in Spain
  • Work and residence permit
  • Arrangement of any required licences
  • Opening of bank accounts and related assistance

Full-range corporate and secretarial services in Spain

  • Processing of modifications in the legal status of companies
  • Statutory records maintenance
  • Organisation of executive meetings
  • Communication with third parties
  • Additional services ensuring payroll, accounting and tax compliance
  • Liquidation of legal structures in Spain
  • Representation in front of the statutory authorities

Domiciliation services in Spain

  • Provision of a registered address in Spain
  • Professional reception desk, complete secretarial and administrative support
  • Fully equipped office premises short-term lease

Expert corporate and secretarial services in Spain – and across the globe

Operating in over 50 locations, we provide seamless corporate and secretarial services in Spain and also globally. Having experience with business consultancy across various industries, our experts bridge the gap between company needs and optimal solutions, fostering business growth and success. With years of experience helping clients from SMEs to complex global corporations, we ensure thorough compliance and deep market understanding. Reach out to discover how our global corporate and secretarial services can support your business!