Outsourcing services

Your accounting and payroll – managed fully online

By efficiently delivering our global accounting, payroll and HR administration services we aim to shift the focus of your financial and HR teams towards more strategic tasks. Our full-range BPO services improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of your administrative functions and increase operational transparency with better reporting capabilities across whole company. The services can be provided fully online – and therefore guarantee the continuity of critical business administration functions and compliance.

We cover over 50 jurisdictions globally

We provide services to more than 15,000 clients

We engage nearly 2,500 professionals

We process at least 200,000 payslips monthly


  • Proactive approach to innovate, improve, streamline and solve
  • Flexibility to adapt our services to clients’ needs
  • Highest level of security, service quality and delivery performance guaranteed with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


  • In-house developed IT solutions, connecting our expertise and experience with the latest technologies
  • High flexibility of technology with excellent client experience
  • Decrease of risks and processing errors thanks to automation accuracy


  • Unified data flow regardless of location with a smooth decisional process
  • Top-tier solutions and long-term presence on the market with the best local knowledge across the globe
  • Stable and transparent costs across all locations, to make your budgeting easier

Our Accounting online portal has been designed to simplify, automate and streamline accounting-related processes, fully digitalize and thus reduce paperwork and related errors, gain better control and oversight, increase transparency over documents and workflows – and manage tasks in a secure and user-friendly cloud environment. The portal can become a single interface to your accounting, thanks to a direct integration with your ERP system, to provide you with immediate updates and reports about your company’s financial status.

Digitalize your accounting documents and workflows

Manage your purchase invoices more effectively

Track the financial status of your company in real-time

Connect the portal directly to your accounting software

Our payroll and HR outsourcing services are designed to fully provide the functions of your internal payroll department while maintaining the comfort level your employees and management are accustomed to when having all the support in-house. In addition, our Payroll and HR portal offers a convenient self-service function that enables employees to manage numerous tasks on their own, without the need to ask your HR team to assist.

Employees log in to the portal to access their payslips, send a ticket to their payroll accountant, fill in data for their yearly tax clearance, request time-off, manage business travel or settle travel expenses. The usage of the employee self-service portal by HR teams goes far beyond regular document management and workflows, as it provides various HR administration modules as well. 


Payroll data exchange

Pay slips distribution and archive

Payroll inquiry handling

Payroll and HR reporting


HR and personal files management

Yearly tax clearance management

Benefits administration

Business travel management

Time and attendance

Using our T&A online portal your employees can easily manage tasks related to their attendance – by a user-friendly self-service interface. They can easily keep track of their worked time, overtime, taken or remaining vacation, request for time off, sick leave and then quickly approve it with their managers. In addition, individual or team shift planning can be made via the portal’s interactive calendars.

Your HR teams will appreciate the fact that all information related to workforce time and attendance is exchanged via an accessible online tool, 24/7, and secured by top-notch data protection technology. T&A data can be accessed in real-time, HR tasks can easily be managed without delays and any required reports can be viewed when and where from any location.

Absences management: request and approval workflows

Shift planning: interactive calendars, time sheets, vacation planning

Overtime management

All reporting related to time and attendance