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Time and attendance software for small businesses: Is it worth the investment? | weBlog

March 31, 2023

Small companies play a major role in national economy and their constant growth should be a top priority for governments. Furthermore, it is important for them to receive support from both the state and entrepreneurs providing services and products from various industries.

However, small businesses typically have limited capital they can allocate to business solutions. This area often receives the least financial support, so internal operations tend to be carried out through the dedication and versatility of their employees, as the majority of capital goes to products and their manufacturing, followed by sales and marketing, leaving little to none for modernising the company’s internal processes.

Even though this is understandable, the impact that internal processes have on employees is tremendous. If the business puts the people first, it must also put effort to improve and digitalise the operations as soon as possible. So, what can be done to accomplish this?

Using modern solutions to digitalize internal processes for small businesses

In addition to salary, job satisfaction and a pleasant work environment, it is essential to include up-to-date internal processes and equipment for employee care. Just like supplying employees with antique phones and computers would be inappropriate, it would be impractical to make them to work with (and in) outdated systems.

Using modern software to provide e.g., payslips in a paperless way, as well as WhatsApp group chats or Trello for communication, can help make teamwork easier. At least, this should involve digitalisation of the HR agenda using time and attendance software. All of these forms of technology are practically free to use.

Easy time and attendance management

Do you have a small number of employees that require you to track their attendance according to regulations, but your HR manager is too busy with other responsibilities to do it manually? Is there a need for a fast and affordable time and attendance software to make this process easier?

Using regular Excel will not guarantee compliance with any relevant legislation and regulations, nor will it provide email notifications, copying of vacations and absences into work calendars, GDPR conditions for personal absences, error elimination within records, or language and legislative modifications for foreign employees. Furthermore, Excel does not contribute to the prevention of fines from the Labour Inspectorate for incorrect attendance. In addition, if an employee opts for bonuses, a time and attendance software would be necessary. It can provide additional features such as issuing payslips, internal directives and documents, exchanging salary documents with payroll providers, meal allowance calculations, and more.

The attendance software will easily cover your needs, moreover, it can also export data to payroll software. It is a solution that will serve as an excellent basis for the expansion of your company, and there is no need to replace it once the company grows bigger.

Is there a free time & attendance software?

Of course, for example Excel is free. However, an attendance software that is tailored exactly to the needs of attendance records, and which is able to take account of legislative constraints, send notifications, provides a user-friendly interface and is available even for mobile devices, is not free. Since someone needs to administer and regularly update it, the costs are reflected in the price for the customer. The prices for this service start on a base of euros per employee and per month. This way, the amount saved from having to hire an additional HR person to take care of these tasks manually is incomparable.

Are you interested in an easily accessible time and attendance system? Get in touch with us and ask for a demo of our own time and attendance portal solution, to see what it can do for your business.

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