Due Diligence & Specific Transaction Advisory

We have extensive experience in transaction advisory including the acquisition and sale of companies, corporate restructuring, and other likewise transactions. Our advantage is the unique mix of financial, legal, tax and accounting expertise all under one roof, which enables us to identify all potential risks and propose an optimal structure for the suggested transaction.

Preparation and planning of the transaction

We are able to help you with the whole process of the proposed transaction. Our services in particular include advisory services during the acquisition process, and during the sale and restructuring of a group of companies. As part of our services we identify potential risks and propose a realization of the transaction (if appropriate more scenarios are proposed). Having as purpose the concrete implementation of all recommended activities, we also prepare a clear “step plan”.

Preparation of documentation and processes set-up

We can prepare for you documents related to the sale of a company and / or teaser for potential buyers. We are able to assist you during the whole sales process, including the organization of a data room and ensuring its smooth operation. Our services may also include a recommendation on the sales price range. We are able to ensure the entire sales process from a project, financial and legal point of view.

Financial, legal and tax due diligence

As a result of our financial due diligence, we provide you with an objective analysis of the economic situation of the target company / companies and ensure that you understand their main financial indicators. We prepare the analysis of financial statements, analysis of revenues and expenses, including the structure of receivables and liabilities and an overview of relevant transactions with related parties. We are ready to adjust our services according to your specific needs and the exact field of business.

As part of our legal due diligence service, we identify potential and existing legal defects, prepare and review key contractual documents, review ongoing legal disputes, register intellectual and industrial property rights, review the validity of certificates and licenses, and also review agreements with suppliers and key business partners, including a review of labour contracts and other documents relating to employees.

During the tax due diligence process, we focus on general tax issues, including a way of accounting and tax payments. We will further provide you with analysis and comments on the decisions of the Tax Administrator, an analysis of corporate income tax, including transactions with related parties, and identify any potential risks arising from these transactions. We will review transactions underlying VAT, review potential tax liabilities and estimate the potential liability to the respective authorities.

Legal and tax realization of the transaction

We are able to ensure a realization of the transaction from a legal and tax point of view. We prepare sales documentation, assist in negotiations about price and other conditions of the transaction. We arrange all types of M&A transactions including their legal and tax aspects.

Post-transaction services

Following the transaction realization, it is necessary to incorporate a new investment into the existing group of companies. In this respect financial, tax and legal aspects should be taken into account on top of the business point of view of the transaction.

As part of post-transactional services, we provide our clients with the service of planning and implementation of inter-company changes. Furthermore, we are ready to discuss appropriate ways of the initial funding of a new company and any future profits’ distribution.

We offer both ongoing tax and legal advisory services and implementation of the transaction.