Due diligence services

The purchase or sale of a company, whether it’s a startup or an established business, is a serious decision with great possibilities but also risks. At Accace, we help investors like you make informed decisions by navigating them through the entire acquisition process, from planning to implementation with our due diligence services. Our experts have significant experience working with clients to maximize value in a transaction, ensuring a smooth process tailored to your specific needs.

The depth and quality of your due diligence investigation can significantly impact the outcome of your transaction. Our global due diligence offering goes beyond financials, assessing the target company’s health, operations and potential legal/tax issues. We identify and mitigate risks and highlight opportunities to create value, giving you a clear picture for strong negotiations. Our comprehensive approach helps you to:

Identify and avoid potential problems: Uncover any issues that could derail the deal before it even starts

Make informed decisions: Negotiate from a position of strength with a realistic understanding of the company’s true value

Maximize your success: Discover how to create even more value and optimize the transaction for the best possible outcome

Tailored due diligence services for every side of the deal

We cater to all business sizes, from aspiring startups and established SMEs to global corporations, on both sides of the transaction.

For vendors, seeking to streamline the sale process and maximize value, our vendor due diligence services identify potential concerns upfront. This allows you to proactively address them and maintain control of the narrative, significantly strengthening your negotiating position.

For buyers, our buyer due diligence services ensure you enter the transaction with a comprehensive understanding of the target company, regardless of its size. We analyze the target’s market position, competitive landscape and growth potential. We also consider the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors in our evaluations, ensuring a well-rounded assessment.

Financial due diligence services

Making informed decisions requires a deep understanding of financial statements, revenue or expense structures and related-party transactions. Our financial due diligence services provide you with a clear, objective analysis of the target company’s economic situation, ensuring you have the insights needed for confident decision-making.

Our expert team tailors these services to your specific needs, regardless of your industry. With our flexible approach, you gain the essential insights, ensuring you pay the right price and maximize the value of your transactions.

Our comprehensive analysis includes:

Thorough reviews of financial statements

Detailed analysis of revenue and expense structures

Careful evaluation of receivables and liabilities

Insightful overview of transactions with related parties

Tax due diligence services

Our tax due diligence services cut through complexities to provide you with a clear, actionable understanding of tax issues. Neglecting tax due diligence can lead to unmet expectations, such as unexpected costs from penalties for non-compliance or misrepresented financial results. Understanding these potential risks is vital for making informed decisions.

The purpose of our tax due diligence is to identify tax risks and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them during the M&A process. These insights are crucial for shaping the share purchase agreement and can significantly impact the final price calculation.

Whether you are buying or selling, our precise and thorough approach gives you the clarity and confidence needed to secure your investments and optimize your tax position. Trust our top-tier tax due diligence services to help you navigate the complexities and safeguard your transaction outcomes.

Our tax due diligence services focus on:

Analyzing corporate income tax, including transactions with related parties

Reviewing VAT transactions in detail

Identifying potential tax liabilities and risks

Providing expert insights on Tax Administrator decisions

Legal due diligence services

Legal issues can make or break a deal. Our legal due diligence services ensure you’re fully informed and protected from potential pitfalls. Understanding the legal risks in any acquisition is crucial, as the new owner will inherit all existing legal issues. That’s why our meticulous approach ensures every potential problem is disclosed and addressed.

Legal due diligence is a critical component of any M&A transaction. Our experienced lawyers provide comprehensive reviews tailored to the nature of the target’s business and the deal size. We offer full-service reviews on both domestic and cross-border deals across various industry sectors, ensuring thorough yet cost-effective analysis.

With our expertise, you gain the assurance needed to navigate complex legal landscapes confidently. Secure your deals and protect your interests with our expert legal due diligence services. Don’t let hidden legal issues derail your investments—partner with us to ensure a smooth and informed transaction process.

Our legal due diligence services focus on:

Identifying existing and potential legal defects, analyzing ongoing legal disputes

Preparing and reviewing key contractual documents

Assessing intellectual and industrial property rights

Ensuring the validity of certificates and licenses

Reviewing agreements with suppliers and key business partners

Examining labor contracts and employee-related documents

Why to choose Accace for due diligence services


Our team comprises industry specialists with a deep understanding of the factors that drive business success. We leverage our investor mindset to assess deals from a holistic perspective, identifying both risks and opportunities.


We utilize secure virtual data rooms to facilitate seamless and secure data exchange throughout the whole due diligence process.


Having our own global business community allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality due diligence services anywhere in the world. Our local presence ensures access to best-practice expertise and insights, regardless of the transaction’s location.

At Accace, we are committed to being one step ahead of your needs. Our experts go beyond the data to uncover valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions and optimize the outcome of your deal. Get in touch today to find out how we can be the right partner for you, or book our 15 minute free call to discuss further the services we can support you with.