Payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus

Ease your mind from the administrative burden thanks to our comprehensive payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus. Our expert local teams will take care all of your demanding statutory obligations and make sure you stay compliant despite the frequent legislative changes. By shifting the responsibility, you will be able to save time, resources and eliminate the potential risk of non-compliance or related penalties from the authorities in Cyprus.

Processing of the payroll agenda in Cyprus

Our payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus cover the following functions and tasks:

  • Data collection & payroll calculation: Take-over and revision of all the input data and pertinent information for processing an accurate payroll calculation, gross-to-net calculation of all employee deductions, net salaries and taxes in compliance with statutory requirements; calculation of the off-cycle payments
  • Payslips distribution & payment management: Hard-copy generation of payslips and PDF files protected with password, distributed by email or saved in the online portal for employees; preparation of payment orders, distribution of payments to employees and local authorities
  • Benefits and bonuses administration: Calculation of bonuses and benefits, including medical or life insurance, pension plans, vacation time, sick leave and maternity leave, upon request
  • Hotline for employees for their payroll inquiries
  • Statutory reporting: Payroll-related statutory reporting and filing to authorities in Cyprus, such as the Tax Office, Labour Office, social and health insurance institutions, statistics offices and other, including regular communication with these authorities
  • Personal income tax: Calculation and filing of personal income tax returns in Cyprus, including assistance to employees by collecting their information and all the necessary documents
  • Management reporting: Regular package of standard reporting in the scope agreed in advance, as well as any other specific reports your management needs

HR administration services in Cyprus

We provide support for HR administration in addition to our payroll outsourcing services, ranging from regular tasks, such as personal files management and preparation of employment relationship contractual agenda, to more specific consultancy in the field of Human resources – to ensure that all your statutory reporting and compliance requirements applicable in Cyprus are met. Furthermore, we provide solutions and services tailored to perfectly fit the specific needs of your HR teams.

Our payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus help you to manage the following tasks:

  • HR files administration: Organizing and keeping all personal files of employees in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Agenda of on-boarding and off-boarding: Registration of new or leaving employees at local authorities, administrative support during the on-boarding process, preparation of documents related to employment and other HR documents for new or leaving employees, provision of training for e.g. payroll process, T&A
  • Employment documentation: Preparation of documents based on provided templates in compliance with the legislation in Cyprus
  • Audits and inspections: Representation in communication with the statutory authorities in Cyprus, support and guidance during audits and inspections, preparation of any required supportive documentation, resolution of disputes
  • Consultancy related to other areas: Related to health insurance and social security, personal income tax in Cyprus, non-residents and global mobility
  • Redomiciliation services: Full-range consultancy and support by obtaining the Cyprus tax residency, via Cyprus permanent citizenship (passport) or residency programs
Tax overview for global mobility in Cyprus

Learn all details you need to know when dealing with expat matters in Cyprus and 13 other countries: tax residency, personal income tax, social security, health insurance, Cyprus tax resident working in other country, other country’s tax resident working and paying taxes in Cyprus, penalties and much more!

Payroll and HR online portal in Cyprus

Let your employees manage numerous tasks on their own and relieve yourself from administrative burden thanks to our technology for payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus. Our Payroll and HR online portal offers a convenient self-service function in a secure, user-friendly online environment, where employees can log in to access their payslips, send a ticket to their payroll accountant, fill in data for their yearly tax clearance, request time-off, manage business travel or settle travel expenses. The usage of the employee self-service portal by HR teams goes far beyond regular management of documents and workflows, as it provides various modules for HR administration as well.

Main functionalities covered by the payroll portal interface are:

  • Data exchange
  • Distribution of payslips and their archive
  • Handling of payroll-related inquires through our online hotline
  • Payroll and HR reporting with full archive

Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities our HR module integration offers, such as:

  • Maintenance f HR and personal files
  • Preparation of employment-related legal documents
  • Management of yearly tax clearance
  • Administration of benefits
  • Management of business travel and settlement of travel expenses
  • Management of absences (time and attendance) and shift planning

Global mobility and tax advisory for digital nomads and remote workers in Cyprus

Navigate the complexities of global mobility with our specialized tax services designed for digital nomads, IT professionals, and flexi workers contemplating relocation to Cyprus. We provide expert advice on the tax benefits of relocation, calculating potential tax savings and payroll costs. Once you green-light the process, our full service takes over, handling everything from initial consultation to complete relocation support.

Comprehensive services for remote employers and non-domiciled individuals in Cyprus

We offer a wide range of global mobility and tax services for remote employers and non-domiciled persons. From immigration services to corporate support, our team ensures a seamless transition and establishment in Cyprus, covering all aspects of legal, tax, and HR requirements.

Labour law and employment support in Cyprus

We provide a comprehensive support in the field of labour law as a part of our payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus. Benefit from the experience of our legal experts and solve easily the following matters related to employment relationship in Cyprus:

  • Design and implementation of internal HR processes, development of guidelines, policies, procedures and the preparation of a standard set of templates
  • Preparation of documents related to employment, for instance contracts and amendments, descriptions of job positions, termination agreements, liability for damage, agreements on material responsibility and others, completely in compliance with the legal requirements in Cyprus and applying the best practices of the local market
  • Resolution of various matters regarding employment, such as working time and shifts, employment termination, mass layoff, working conditions, parental leave, annual leave, health and safety at work, employee benefits and others
  • Consultancy related to personal data protection and GDPR in Cyprus

Expert payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus – and across the globe

Operating in over 50 locations, we deliver seamless payroll and HR administration services in Cyprus and also across many other jurisdictions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and our vast expertise, we engage local experts who understand market specifics, ensuring comprehensive compliance and stringent data security requirements. Our services guarantee precision and efficiency, tailored to regional needs, with a single point of contact overseeing the operations for smooth process management. Worldwide, we process over 200,000 payslips, providing extensive experience and innovative solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can support your global payroll and HR administration needs.