Legal advisory in Italy

Our experienced inhouse legal team is ready to provide you with precise, business-oriented and tailored legal advisory in Italy no matter the sectors your company belongs to. We are able to cover all your needs both in standard and in large, demanding operations covering various aspects of your business. The unique combination of our legal, tax and accounting expertise ensures an extensive care and effective solutions based on the best legal practices in Italy.

Corporate law in Italy

Our experienced Italian legal advisors are ready to support you with a wide range of services within the field of corporate law, from initial support during incorporation to a comprehensive provision of all business transactions and changes during the lifetime of your company. Our services and legal advisory in Italy in the area of corporate law can cover:

  • Incorporation and sale of ready-made companies, provision of registered offices and support for secretarial services in Italy
  • Acquisition, merger, and demerger transactions
  • Full-range administration support and company liquidation
  • Distribution of the Shared Capital, increase and reduction
  • Sale of shares and stock
  • Provision of changes in the legal status of your company at the respective Italian authorities
  • Agreements governing the relationships between related parties, shareholder agreements
  • Restructuring of corporate groups
  • Provision of legal support by negotiating with trading partners, including the preparation of the corresponding legal documentation
  • Corporate governance and management rules
  • Preparation of annual general meetings and other executive meetings

Start-up advisory in Italy

Make the right decisions and steer the first steps of your company in the right direction. We are ready to embark on the journey with you and support your start-up with a wide range of services and legal advisory in Italy tailored to your needs. Take advantage of our expertise in the field of legal, tax, accounting and financial services, and unlock the full potential of your company with our BPO and advisory solutions.

  • Assistance in the establishment and registration of a company in Italy, including communication with the relevant Italian authorities and set-up of an advantageous start-up property structure from the perspective of tax and levies burden
  • Advisory on various forms of financing in the initial phase of the start-up life cycle, evaluation and implementation of alternative forms of financing for start-ups
  • Preparation of incentive plans that also provide for the use of work-for-equity instruments through the allocation of company shares or option rights for the purchase of company shares or for the subscription of equity financial instruments (including convertible ones)
  • Supporting documentation for the issuance of equity financial instruments (including convertible ones) to employees, consultants, or directors, drafting of the relevant regulations, and completion of the necessary corporate actions for its implementation
  • Help with pitch-deck preparation for an investor: preparation of financial plans, reports, and analysis of relevant KPIs
  • Assessment of the legal feasibility of the business model, preparation of business plan, term sheet, letter of intent or memorandum of understating
  • Representation of the start-up during the negotiations with investors
  • Assistance in investment transactions; negotiation, finalization and drafting of term sheets, investment agreements, and shareholders’ agreements, and any other document or formality required by market practice in venture capital transactions; evaluation of negotiation strategies and instruments to be used to protect the position of founding partners following the entry of new investing partners into the company structure (e.g. issue of warrants; special categories of shares; stock option plans; non-competition and stability agreements, exit hypotheses, etc.).
  • Accounting and payroll services, tax and legal advisory: employment and license contracts, VAT return, tax registration, personal and corporate income tax, non-resident and global mobility services, intellectual property, trademarks, patents and more
  • Protection of intellectual property: distinctive signs, software, inventions, design, operational processes, and know-how owned by the start-up
  • Supporting documentation for the transfer of intellectual property of intangible assets from the original owner to the start-up
  • Drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements and licensing contracts, terms and conditions of use for the service offered, as well as contractual forms to support relations with third parties (both clients and suppliers)

Intellectual property law in Italy

The intellectual property law covers both global and local implications which cannot be handled without a deep understanding of all related regulations and procedures – thus making it a very complex area. Our well-experienced inhouse team of Italian legal advisors is ready to support you with:

  • Representation before the Italian statutory authorities and organizations
  • Drafting and negotiating the contracts that regulate the issues of intellectual property law
  • Matters related to copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intangible property rights
  • Representing the clients at court hearings and out-of-court negotiations in Italy

Insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy in Italy

In case you are dealing with insolvency litigation, our qualified lawyers are here to support you in various scenarios, mitigate the potential risks and offer the most efficient solution for any specific case – in compliance with all legal requirements.

Our experienced team of Italian legal advisors can guide you through the whole insolvency litigation procedure and represent you at administrative, civil and insolvency courts, including out-of-court negotiations, while providing the necessary assistance by pre-insolvency negations. We are ready to investigate and design your solutions for insolvency restructuring, taking into consideration any special or custom conditions and cover all relevant possibilities. Moreover, we can also provide assistance, complex support and legal advisory in Italy enacted by enforcement proceedings and debt recovery proceedings.

Labour law and employment support in Italy

We offer a comprehensive labour law support provided by our experienced team of Italian legal experts, as an integral part of our payroll and HR administration services. Our team is ready to help you with the following matters of employment relationship in Italy:

  • Design and implementation of internal HR processes, development of procedures, policies and guidelines, preparation of a standard set of templates
  • Preparation of employment contractual documentation, such as contracts and amendments, termination agreements, job descriptions, agreements on material responsibility, liability for damage and others, in compliance with the legal requirements and best practices applicable in Italy
  • Resolution of employment-related matters, such as working time, shifts, termination of employment including mass layoff, health and safety at work, working conditions, annual leave, parental leave, employee benefits and beyond
  • Legal advisory in Italy related to GDPR and personal data protection

GDPR legal support and legal advisory in Italy

Nowadays, personal and non-personal data are fundamental assets for companies of all sizes and types. But considering the high sanctions in case of breaching, the strict legal and technical requirements that businesses have to comply with, it is important to pick the right professional partner when it comes to personal data protection. The development of information technologies and the increasing diffusion of cloud infrastructures require an approach that is attentive to the national dimension but is also oriented towards a global horizon with all the possible legal implications in terms of jurisdiction, competent authorities and applicable law. Our legal advisory team in Italy is ready to help you identify how GDPR affects your company and support you in the following areas:

  • Overall revision of the current personal data processing procedures, including a follow-up analysis
  • Preparation of internal guidelines, working procedures and manuals, employee consent gathering for data processing
  • Analysis to see whether it is required to carry out impact assessment on the protection of personal data and any follow-up support in the process, as well as when dealing with a supervisor, with whom the results of the assessment should be consulted
  • Revision and adjustment of the appropriate contractual relationship with the persons involved in personal data processing, including subscribers, website visitors and other business partners
  • Other services and legal advisory in Italy according to your specific needs and requirements

Other legal services we are ready to provide in Italy

Commercial law

Our services and legal advisory in Italy can cover the preparation of contracts, commenting commercial law contracts, provision of comprehensive legal advice in commercial relations and preparation of legal opinions fully in compliance with the Italian legal framework.

Administrative and tax law

We cover the areas of client representation, applying claims thereof in administrative and tax proceedings in Italy, revision of contracts from the point of tax and administrative law, preparation of legal opinions, representing clients in proceedings on reviewing the lawfulness of decisions of the Italian administrative bodies before the court.

Disputes and enforcement of receivables

Our services and legal advisory in Italy cover the representation of clients before courts in proceedings related to Italian civil, commercial, administrative and labour law matters, representing clients before arbitration courts, complex management and recovery of claims at pre-trial stage, in court proceedings, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy and restructuring, provision of legal analysis in this matter.

Expert legal advisory in Italy – and across the globe

Operating in over 50 locations, we offer seamless legal advisory in Italy and also globally. Our empathetic experts connect company needs with optimal solutions, promoting business growth and success. With years of experience handling small to medium enterprises, but also complex cases for global corporations, our local teams guarantee thorough compliance and a deep understanding of the local market. We ensure precision and efficiency, tailored to each region’s specific needs. Reach out to discover how our legal advisory teams can support your business.