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ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) reporting in Poland refers to the structured approach that signifies a company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical governance. The push for compulsory ESG reporting in Poland arises from both legal obligations and societal demands, emphasising the pivotal role of transparency and ethical conduct across various industries. Currently, this obligation is applicable to larger corporations and specific sectors in specific sectors, mirroring the global trend of prioritising corporate accountability.

Although not yet obligatory for most companies, opting for voluntary ESG reporting brings numerous benefits. Primarily, it represents a proactive dedication to fostering sustainable and ethical business practices.

Voluntary ESG reporting in Poland: A strategic move for your business

Embracing voluntary ESG reporting in Poland establishes your company as a leader in corporate responsibility. Early integration of ESG practices offers competitive benefits and strategic advantages, elevating your company’s reputation and meeting the changing expectations of stakeholders, customers and business partners. This forward-looking approach contributes to sustained business success and societal welfare.

Benefits of ESG reporting in Poland

Strengthen relations with stakeholders in Poland

The importance of ESG reporting is gaining significance among Polish customers, suppliers, financial institutions, and prospective employees, who are increasingly mindful of environmental, social, and administrative aspects of businesses. Notably, bancs commonly request ESG reports or carbon footprint assessments from clients and suppliers. As more companies embrace ESG reporting, the demand for such information from business partners is expected to escalate. Moreover, an ESG report serves as a comprehensive document containing relevant information, facilitating effective communication of sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, thus fostering robust relationships with stakeholders.

Gain a competitive advantage in Poland

In Poland, gaining a competitive advantage goes beyond mere regulatory compliance – it hinges on embracing ESG reporting as a pivotal strategy. Today, clients are actively seeking partners who demonstrate a transparent commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By presenting an ESG report, you transparently communicate your dedication to positively to environmental preservation and surpassing minimum requirements.

Make your business future-proof in Poland

Considering the ever-evolving landscape of laws and regulations, it’s anticipated that ESG requirements will soon extend to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By proactively integrating ESG considerations into your strategic planning, you position your business to seamlessly adapt to evolving requirements and stay ahead of the curve in upcoming trends in non-financial corporate reporting.

STAND out in the crowd with voluntary esg reporting

See how these 9 transformative benefits of voluntary ESG reporting can give your business a competitive advantage.

How can we support you

Our Polish team of experienced professionals is prepared to create an ESG report tailored to your business, aligned with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our approach focuses on crafting concise and visually appealing reports that reflect your brand’s identity and design. In addition to ESG reporting in Poland, our range of services includes supplementary consulting for employee development and environmental conservation strategies. For example, our tool for analysing company vitality and social environment can measure employee satisfaction and attitudes toward the company, its culture, and colleagues. These invaluable insights can be seamlessly integrated into your ESG report to inform and enhance employee-related initiatives and activities.

Our service portfolio offers a range of specialized solution customised to address your ESG needs:

  • Expert consultation to define and achieve your ESG goals.
  • Creation of comprehensive ESG reports in line with CSRD.
  • Analysis of company vitality and social environment, alongside consultation on employee satisfaction
  • Thorough carbon footprint assessments to enhance your environmental impact.
  • Providing guidance and assistance in environmental management.
  • Offering legal consultancy to ensure effective corporate governance and compliance.

Ready to strengthen your business with ESG reporting in Poland? Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist you in creating a sustainable and responsible future.