One step ahead of your needs
Accace is a proactive consultancy and outsourcing partner who bridges the gap between needs and solutions. Combining smart and streamlined technology with a holistic approach, we provide an all-round care to clients and consider their matters as our own. With over 800 experts and more than 2,000 customers, we have vast experience with facilitating the smooth operation and growth of small to large-scale, global businesses.
Accounting services and technology
Our combination of professional services and advanced cloud technology helps you to automate, standardize and streamline accounting and reporting processes, in order to increase efficiency and control of your financial operations. Take well-informed business decisions, by getting better control and more accurate reporting.
Payroll, HR Services and Technology
Unlock the potential of shifting your payroll and HR towards a more strategic function. Gain access to continuous innovation and benefit from tailored added-value online solutions for your HR teams and all your employees. We are confident to meet your highest expectations on full accountability, legislation compliance and desired employee experience.
Tax Advisory and Tax Compliance
Meet your tax and reporting obligations, manage your risks and benefit from our deep knowledge and best practices that fit with the local regulation frameworks – in order to stay compliant with all requirements, mitigate your tax risks and improve efficiency of your local and international operations.
Transaction Advisory
We have an extensive experience in transaction advisory including acquisition and sale of companies, corporate restructuring, and other similar transactions. Our advantage is the unique mix of financial, legal, tax and accounting expertise under one roof, which enables us to identify all potential risks and propose an optimal structure of the suggested transaction.
LEGAL Advisory
Our unique combination of legal, tax and accounting expertise offers all-round care and effective solutions – addressing all aspects of your business. We are able to cover all your requirements both in standard operations and demanding transactions covering all legal and financial aspects across multiple jurisdictions.
Corporate Services
Establishing, developing and maintaining a business, especially at international level may require a lot of time and effort due to local bureaucracy and complex and continuously changing legislative frameworks. We provide all required support during the entire company‘s lifecycle and allow you to focus on your business as if the local differences are ironed out!
Market Entry Support
We have years of experience in supporting our customers to grow their business internationally. By offering our free market entry support consultancy packages we aim to encourage well-established companies to explore the unknown, remove uncertainty and refine their go-to-market strategy.
ESG reporting and tailored consulting
Unlock your company’s potential with ESG reporting, a crucial step towards sustainable leadership and responsible growth. Strengthen relationships with stakeholders, gain a competitive advantage and make your business future-proof by voluntary compliance with ESG reports. Our services include expert consultation, comprehensive ESG reporting compliant with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, assessment of employee satisfaction, detailed carbon footprint analysis, environmental management guidance and extensive legal consulting.

What makes us unique?

We proactively help businesses ťo run their operations more effectively and expand anywhere in the world, as if there were no borders. By offering smart solutions and competitive technology, the tools for global growth through our community and empathetic, competent talents who handle clients’ needs like their own, we are confident to meet your most complex demands.
Accace is composed of four main groups of stakeholders: colleagues, clients and partners, the environment and society, and our shareholders. All stakeholders are of equal importance in our ecosystem, as each group is essential to our strategy and we are all impacted by the dynamics of each group.
We cover over 50 jurisdictions globally
We engage nearly 2,500 professionals
We provide services to more than 15,000 clients
We process at least 200,000 payslips monthly
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Our technology: The powerhouse of our service delivery

Our extensive BPO and advisory expertise, combined with the latest cloud-based technology, is supported by innovative and smart IT solutions customised to your needs. Our goal is to provide automated and compliant solutions that ensure data transparency, accuracy, security and guarantee that all your business requirements are met in the most efficient and convenient way.
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Where expertise meets empathy

To us, having a strong base of experts who can combine their expertise with empathy is absolutely crucial. This combination of skills allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care. Our experts are highly competent and determined to ensure that you are satisfied with our solutions. Experience our expertise firsthand by examining our case studies.
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Global service delivery to help you grow

Our business community, Accace Circle, ensures international coverage across the globe, simplifying global expansion and erasing the borders to create a single market for your business with tremendous possibilities. Our local teams are comprised of highly skilled and experienced BPO professionals, advisors and consultants from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By choosing Accace for global advisory and BPO services, you are guaranteed the same level of quality, service delivery and customer-centric approach across all jurisdictions of your choice.
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Our eShop: Business solutions just a click away

For most businesses, the breakthrough to success is achieved by a dedicated advice provided at the right time. We decided to offer our services online, to secure the easiest way of delivering our support to you. Browse through our service offering, revise the scope and details on pricing. Access our consultant’s calendar to book the date and time that fits you. Simple as that, faster than ever before.
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Valuable country guides and tools

If you are tempted by the raising business opportunities in Europe, countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine should definitely rank high in your destinations list. For more publications and latest news go to our Newsroom.