International tax compliance services

Our  international tax compliance process ensures the accurate and up-to-date administration of your direct and indirect taxes. Our tax advisors will help you save precious time spent on mandatory activities, assuring your company’s compliance with local tax regulations, such as: preparing the tax returns/tax filing, solving the local tax authorities’ enquiries and representation during inspections.

As your business develops you could benefit from having dedicated team of professional tax advisors who can provide you with international tax consulting on  day-to-day matters as well as on specific transactions – to minimize risks and maximize the value of your business.

Our experienced tax experts are ready to offer you assistance in the following areas to maintain your compliance with your statutory return, disclosure and documentary obligations – and even more than that.

Tax registration, tax returns and bookkeeping services

  • Tax registrations, records maintenance and tax return filings
  • Ongoing statutory tax compliance, accounting and reporting services
  • Tax advisory regarding local and international tax legislation
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We have years of experience in supporting businesses to grow internationally. If you are a well-established company willing to expand to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine we offer you free consultancy, that may include:

  • Brief analysis of your needs based on the information provided
  • Country-specific aspects that may be important to your investment
  • Basics of legal, tax and accounting rules applicable for you

Corporate income tax return and compliance

  • Ongoing tax advice on regular and extraordinary issues that may have impact on business
  • Tax risk management
  • Preparation of corporate income tax return
  • Year-end closing services
  • Support during audits and representation by tax inspections

Excise taxes and Customs duty

  • Excise taxes compliance services – registrations, legislation updates, statutory filings
  • Advisory on national and EU customs rules and regulations on customs duty
  • Updating the internal procedures and systems with latest customs legislation
  • Representation in customs disputes resolution with local and international customs authorities

Value Added Tax compliance

  • VAT compliance and advisory by local and international transactions
  • VAT registrations and communication with the tax authorities
  • VAT returns filing and compliance with local statutory requirements
  • VAT reclaim and refund
  • VAT risk management services
  • Dispute resolution and representation during tax audits and inspections

Find out how we helped a global e-commerce corporation with large-scale VAT compliance services for its clients from over 80 countries using in-house developed robots, which substituted the work of over 100 employees. With our technology we are preparing over 6,500 VAT returns per month.

Personal tax and social security compliance

  • Personal income tax computation and tax return filing
  • Witholding tax on employment income, dividends and interests
  • Social security compliance and advisory services
  • Non-resident tax and social security consultancy
  • Representation in communication with tax authorities and by tax inspections

EC Sales Lists and Intrastat

  • Assessment of reporting responsibilities within European Community (EC) Sales Lists and Intrastat
  • Recording and reporting of data about sales transactions for Intrastat or EC Sales Lists
  • Completion and supply of Intrastat Supplementary Declarations
  • Communication with customs authorities