Professional training on tax, legal and financial matters

Tailored to your needs and completely online

The frequent regulatory updates in tax, labour law and payroll legislation can be extremely challenging to follow and to stay compliant with. Their application in practice may also represent a great burden for your business, considering their complexity and the short time given to bring them into practice. It has become our daily routine to inspect the legislation for the latest or planned changes – and implement them in all their complexity, accurately and in time. We have vast experience also with facilitating all our professional trainings online.

Professional trainings and consultancy with added value

We offer you individual trainings or group workshops not only to follow the latest updates on legislation, but also to deepen your knowledge and provide you with practical examples for your business. Our specialists will help you to become familiar with the subject matter and explain it step by step in a comprehensive way. Having the chance to consult directly with an expert, you get easy access to valuable tips, customized recommendations and ready-to-use solutions to the specific issues you are dealing with.

Our trainers, set-up and locations

All the trainings are led by our senior subject-matter experts with extensive teaching experience. They carry out the professional training session in response to the specific requirements for your audience background and level of their experience, desired focus within the given subject or preferred format, regardless whether you choose an on-site trainings or online webinars, one-to-one sessions or group workshops. Check out the full list of our locations to see where can your professional training take place.

Subject, focus and idea-sharing

We are ready to deal with the topics relevant for your accounting, tax, HR or payroll teams, even to your management. No matter whether the topics relate to labour law, personal taxes, global mobility, VAT, transfer pricing or any other subject of your interest, our trainings can provide:

  • Theory and fundamentals in the given field
  • Annual refreshers and current legislation updates
  • Practical exercises, calculations and step-by-step manuals
  • Consultancy on your daily practice issues and solutions
  • Q&A sessions, polls, tutorials and videos