Expat tax and global mobility services in China

Our experienced local team of tax advisors, payroll and labour-law consultants, backed up by a strong international network, will guide you through the complex agenda of cross-border mobility of employees and expats, that requires the deep knowledge of local and international legislation in the areas of individual taxation, social security, payroll, labour law, as well as best practices when it comes to providing the necessary administrative tasks to ensure compliance with local statutory obligations in China. Non-compliance with the regulatory frameworks may lead to severe consequences not only limited to financial penalties.

Tax overview for global mobility in China

Learn all details you need to know when dealing with expat matters in China: tax residency, personal income tax, social security, health insurance, Chinese tax resident working in other country, other country’s tax resident working and paying taxes in China, penalties and much more!

We are ready to help you – as an expat or an employer – to obtain dedicated professional advice and effectively address the following cross-border mobility and international secondment matters:

  • Creation of the tax and social security efficient non-resident employment structures
  • Tax evaluation of the expat’s home and foreign country statutory reporting requirements
  • Social security and health insurance compliance, statutory reporting requirements applicable to expatriates
  • Tax registrations, PIT compliance and advisory, preparation and filing of expat’s tax returns
  • Payroll agenda and HR administration services for expatriates
  • Other administrative services related to relocation, such as obtaining of work and residence permits, stay permits, visa, registration certificates, dealing with local authorities
  • Representation in communication with the tax office, foreigners office and other authorities in China