Corporate and secretarial services in Ireland

In Ireland, our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in business consultancy across various industries. We aim to assist new companies entering the local market by providing a comprehensive range of corporate and secretarial services in Ireland, including go-to-market research, tailored incorporation, and essential administrative support for the launch of any business. Additionally, we provide a full package of services, including payroll outsourcing, accounting, tax and consultancy services.

Go-to-market services in Ireland

Enhance your business growth by leveraging the expertise of our professional team of local legal and corporate services consultants. In Ireland, our offerings include:

  • Establishment and registration of companies in Ireland
  • Consultancy in market research, defining solutions, and risk analysis
  • Advice on local compliance risk exposure and legal frameworks
  • Services in corporate administration for companies that are new to the market
  • Operational structure consultancy
  • Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions
  • Identification and analysis of potential incentives and statutory frameworks
  • Evaluation of costs associated with starting a business
  • Assistance in locating suitable business partners in Ireland

Incorporation, corporate and secretarial support in Ireland

Developing, establishing, and maintaining a business, particularly at the international level, often demands considerable time and effort due to the ever-evolving complex legislative frameworks and local bureaucracy. We offer comprehensive support, including corporate and secretarial services in Ireland, from your business’s incorporation through its entire lifecycle. This enables you to concentrate on business growth and opportunities instead.

Company establishment in Ireland

  • Setting up entities in Ireland
  • Work and residency permits
  • Arrangement of required licences
  • Tax registrations in Ireland
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