Payroll and HR administration services in Morocco

Our payroll and HR administration services in Morocco can help manage the challenging local legislative changes and complex statutory frameworks. Staying up to date and compliant with these regulations can be overwhelming. Outsourcing the agenda to a reliable partner can save your time and resources, while ensuring compliance with Moroccan laws.

Payroll agenda processing in Morocco

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your payroll processing agenda in Morocco. Additionally, our team of experts can handle the following tasks and provide any further support with other tasks to meet your business needs:

  • Data gathering and payroll calculation: Take-over and review of all input data and relevant information to ensure accurate payroll calculations. This includes gross-to-net wage calculation of all employee deductions, taxes and net wages in compliance with the statutory requirements; off-cycle payments calculation
  • Distribution of payslips and administration of all payments
  • Benefits and bonuses administration: Calculate benefits and bonuses based on provided requirements
  • Management reporting:Regular standard reporting package and any additional specific reports required by your local and international management
  • Statutory reporting: Regular payroll-related statutory reporting and filing to local authorities in Morocco

HR administration services in Morocco

Our team of HR consultants in Morocco are ready to provide you with comprehensive support as part of our payroll services, assisting you with a wide range of tasks, including personal files management and preparation of employment relationship contractual agenda, and providing complex HR-related consultancy services. Our goal is to enhance your HR capabilities and ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with all relevant requirements in Morocco.

Our services can cover the following tasks:

  • HR files administration: Maintenance and organisation of all personal files of employees in compliance with statutory requirements, applying best practices on the local market
  • Management of the newcomers and leavers agenda: Assistance with registration of new employees and leavers with the local authorities, administrative support during the on-boarding process, preparation of employment related documents and other HR documents for new or leaving employees, provision of necessary trainings in areas such as payroll process, time and attendance management
  • Employment documentation preparation: Preparation of employment documents, including contracts, amendments, job descriptions and other, based on provided templates in compliance with local labour law in Morocco
  • Audits and inspections: Representation and assistance during communication with local statutory authorities, support during audits and inspections, preparation of necessary supportive documentation, resolution of any disputes
  • Additional consultancy provided upon your request: Provision of additional consultancy services related to PIT, social security and health insurance, global mobility and non-residents matters
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