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15 years of Accace: An incredible journey of who we are today

September 1, 2021

We are delighted to share with you the celebration of our 15th anniversary since Accace was founded. During the years we have grown from an ambitious, local company to a global powerhouse of excellent BPO and advisory services. The 15 years have brought a number of opportunities and challenges, allowing us to push forward and achieve incredible milestones, which we would like to share with you.

We have 9 own branches in Europe and Africa

Including 2 joint ventures in South Africa and the United Kingdom

With over 700 colleagues engaged altogether in our offices

New challenges for growth, better when shared

Over the last few years, thanks to our associates and partners, we also sky-rocketed our global coverage, portfolio expertise and clients. We are the proud co-creators of Accace Circle, a business community of like-minded BPO providers and advisors who deliver outstanding services with elevated customer experience. Accace Circle strives to grow and nurture non-competitive internal environment, where synergies between trust, shared know-how, and valued relationships bring unique benefits to all our clients.

We operate in almost 40 locations globally

Connecting over 2000 experts

Helping more than 10000 clients

Our eShop: a new adventure

While continuing our efforts to provide BPO and advisory services fully online, we were also seeking a new approach towards our sales channels. Therefore, we launched an eShop for our advisory services, to establish a seamless customer experience with the full convenience of online accessibility.

Our eShop offers over 70 services

From 7 countries

Engaging 24 consultants

This journey would not have been possible without you – our clients, colleagues, associates, fans and friends, to which we would like to express our utter gratitude. You are the ones we share our values of excellence, trust, passion, flexibility, cooperation and commitment with and help us to grow to be who we are today.

Who we are and what we value

Learn about our humble beginnings, powerful mission statement and the values we are driven by every single day.

New talents always welcome

Our rapid growth keeps the doors open for new colleagues who are driven by passion. Browse through our vacancies and find out while Accace is the place to be when it comes to making your dreams come true.

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