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Separate office waste collection with the help of “Recicleta” program in Romania | CSR

July 24, 2019
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At the core of the corporate social responsibility campaigns that we run both locally and globally, lies the Triple P bottom line (People, Planet & Profits) strategy, which focuses on measuring the impact of our activities on people’s lives and on the planet, besides financial results.

In addition to the annual local actions made in collaboration with non-governmental associations in which we believe and operate based on the same values we promote (Planting good deeds in Romania, The Candy Cab, Team Work, Red Cross), starting in June we have developed a new project focused on environmental protection and sustainability.

Thus, we started collaborating with Recicleta, “a social enterprise offering collection services of paper, cardboard, PET and aluminum cans for recycling. The program was created in 2009 by ViitorPlus – the association for sustainable development, which promotes both care for nature and social equity. Therefore, waste transportation is made without pollutant emissions, with tricycles, hence providing stable and legal jobs.”

In order to make sure that the effort of Accace Romania employees is unitary and that each person understands how to correctly collect waste, we organized an internal workshop regarding the sorting procedure, where we discovered what separate collection of waste & recycling mean, and why they are important, as well as the rules for collecting paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans, what alternatives exist for disposable/plastic items and how we can apply helpful tips for reducing waste at the office.

Starting with last year, we focused on reducing the quantity of paper used at the office, with the help of technology (our aim is to have a paperless office) and on replacing printer paper with recycled paper. Also, we are in the process of replacing all corporate materials with materials made entirely of recycled paper.

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