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Accace Slovakia cleaned up the area of Krížna Street during the 2020 Volunteer Week | CSR

September 24, 2020
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Volunteer Week is a regular autumn event for non-profit organisations that need help from volunteers in Bratislava and other regions in Slovakia. Hundreds of volunteers who care about the city they work and live in, joined this project across Slovakia. And Accace, of course, couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Due to the current situation and our interest in safety and health of our colleagues, we chose an outdoor activity. The weather couldn’t have been better for cleaning and cultivating the environment on Krížna Street Bratislava´s Old Town.

The area on Krížna Street very much required the cleaning of benches, paths and sidewalks from dirt and leaves.  We collected the rubbish and leaves on a large lawn which was a challenging task and our seven colleagues involved in this activity worked really hard.

We collected about 30 bags of garbage, grass, leaves and other dirt. Our hands hurt bad after all the work we did, but the feeling of a job well done was worth the effort.

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