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Accace Slovakia earns a certificate for transparent communication and building a sustainable business | CSR

September 23, 2021
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We are happy to share the great news with you! At Accace, we have been actively involved in social responsibility and sustainability for a long time. In addition to building a strong and successful company, our priority is to help the non-profit organisations, communities and individuals who need it the most. Besides, we also support young entrepreneurs via accelerating programme for start-ups under the baton of our civic association #accacelife. Our colleagues from Accace regularly help through a variety of charitable activities, organise collections and pro bono trainings for non-profits.

SmartHead CERTIFICATE for Accace

Accace Slovakia received for its CSR activities and their transparent communication in 2020/2021 a SmartHead CERTIFICATE which is an award for our active approach in building sustainable business via our Sustainability profile on the Smarthead website.

We truly appreciate this honour from experts in sustainable business, because even though we do not do our CSR activities in order to win an award, we are delighted to see that the public perceives them as helpful to sustainable development.

We communicate our CSR activities transparently

SmartHead is a platform that brings together companies and organisations and provides a space for making the sustainability results and activities available for public. Thanks to that, people can get inspired as well as decide who they will buy from or who they will work for.

We have been part of the SmartHead platform in Slovakia for two years and we have already provided help to 494 people, reduced the amount of waste by more than 1 ton and we have contributed to a better education for 1.769 people. Our social responsibility is based on our “Triple Bottom Line strategy” which focuses on people, planet and profit.

We believe that the satisfied colleagues and clients, well-educated students, happy families and kids as well as always green and clean environment shape the direction of a sustainable and responsible business and can provide a better future for the next generations, which Accace cares about.

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