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Accace Adept: A new joint venture to provide BPO services in South Africa | Press release

August 13, 2020

Accace Adept has taken an ambitious step towards exploring the potential of the BPO market in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This region is becoming increasingly attractive for international businesses and new investments and is fast attaining a more competitive advantage globally with promising forecasts of sustainable returns for the development of the whole region.

South Africa: A trade gateway into the Sub-Saharan region

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa but boasts a GDP per capita of more than twice that of the continent’s largest economy, Nigeria. The country is well positioned on the globe, providing a trade gateway into Africa, with the country hosting the largest container port on the continent – Durban. South Africa’s position on the map shares same or similar time zones to Africa, Western, Central and Eastern Europe thus allowing foreign investors to transact and conduct business within their own regular time frames, but importantly allowing the investor to benefit from favourable expense arbitrages emanating from South Africa’s low cost resource base. The country promotes a strong and resilient financial services sector underpinned by a strong robust regulatory and compliance framework. Furthermore, the country has a well-established manufacturing sector with numerous Special Economic Zones established adjacent to the country trade ports, allowing for efficient distribution of commodities. The rapid expansion and innovation within the telecommunication and IT sector, supported by superior labour IT skill set, is another excellent reason for foreign entities to establish presence in South Africa. The majestic scenery of the countryside and favourable sunny climate lie in wait of the aspiring investor and traveller.

Joining forces to support businesses on their journey

To address the shared challenges and achieve success in the field of BPO, Accace is excited to announce their joint venture with Adept Advisory, a global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions. Established in 2007 in South Africa, Adept Advisory has built a reputation for servicing the market across risk advisory, financial operations and digital solutions, providing services to a wide range of the Top 100 JSE Listed Firms and numerous other mid and large size organizations.

Adept Advisory has a wide local market reach and excellent track record of creating successful collaborations with local and international brands in South Africa in the field of business advisory. Accace elevates the experience by providing top-tier accounting and payroll outsourcing solutions, built on well recognized international standards and utilizing the latest cloud technology. We look forward to working together as one team to explore new opportunities and support our clients with full-range BPO services in South Africa,” says Justin van Lienden, the Managing Director at Adept Advisory.

Accace Adept aims to provide the same scope of services as for other markets globally, ranging from market entry and incorporation support to full-range BPO in the area of accounting and reporting, payroll and HR administration, tax compliance and regulatory services.

“Both Adept Advisory and Accace are built on common values that are reflected in the way we do business. It represents so much more than delivering professional BPO and advisory services; it represents our vision of businesses led responsibly, it reflects a people-centric professional service delivered both towards external and internal Customers. That is the solution we want to deliver in the Sub-Saharan region,” says Mihaela Pašek-Virlan, the CEO of Accace.

We aim to support businesses already present in the South African market and international brands willing to enter the South African market. We also encourage African companies to explore the European and global market, supported by a reliable global partner.

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