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Accace became the 5th largest advisory company in Slovakia in 2017 | Press Release

December 4, 2017
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We are very glad to announce that in 2017, based on the last year’s revenues, we were ranked among the TOP consulting companies in Slovakia according to the prestigious economic magazine TREND.

Our year-on-year sales grew by more than 18% in 2016, for what we ranked fifth on the list and preceded many other international corporations. We currently employ more than 100 professionals in Slovakia and provide services to almost 300 international clients.

Besides consulting services, we also offer outsourcing of accounting and payroll services. Currently our payroll department consists of 30 employees, who process more than 15 000 payslips per month. Without doubt, the capacity and quality of our work affirms Accace’s position among the biggest outsourcing companies as well.

“Given the current results this year, we expect to see a further increase of revenues in the following period. However, in the upcoming years we would like to shift our attention from boosting our sales and overall growth to strengthening our company as an attractive employer. The biggest challenge for us is to maintain a pleasant familiar atmosphere, a humane approach and a certain informality that has been our trademark since the beginnings, also widely appreciated by our clients, even despite the significant growth” explained Peter Pašek | Partner and Managing Director Slovakia.

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