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Accace Circle: New synergies for your growth | Press Release

July 23, 2019
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The year 2019 marks an important milestone in the evolution of Accace: the official formation of Accace CircleAccace Circle, or as we shortly call it, The Circle, has been developing for several years through numerous partnerships between Accace and similar-minded professional service providers. However, this year, the company formalized the cooperation and is growing stronger and larger than ever! 

The foundation 

Accace was established in 2006 and since then, it expanded into numerous countries, mainly within the EMEA region. Along its way, Accace catered to its clients’ needs for BPO and consultancy services in its active countries, however, over time, Accace noted a growing demand for greater international support from its clients. This laid foundation for numerous cross-country partnerships that were recently formalized under the umbrella of Accace Circle.  

What is Accace Circle? 

In short, Accace Circle is a business community that connects similar-minded service providers to offer unified and streamlined services internationally. The core of the community lies in the synergies between its international reach and local expertise. This brings great benefits to a large portfolio of clients, especially when they are initiating or developing business in an unfamiliar foreign market. 

 “I have always wanted to help build a global platform of BPO and professional services, which will become an alternative to the current international players – corporate behemoths or loose networks and associations – without any real business drive,“ says the CEO and Founder of Accace, Jiri Majer. Also, in the words of the COO & Partner of Accace, Mihaela Pašek-Virlan, “there are too many organizations that promote streamlined services but, in the end, forget that the cooperation needs to respect all parties. Only when all opinions are voiced and respected, the service becomes truly streamlined. Within our Circle we want to do things differently; we want to voice the local and the global at the same time by enhancing the use of technology.”

Co-creation first 

The idea of Accace Circle was inspired by all our business partners, which also led to the focus on alleviation of burden connected with their international expansion. To illustrate, many of our common clients were often challenged to find a provider that matched their standards and expectations in all their countries. With Accace Circle, they can rely on a consistent level of service quality due to the set of high business requirements and standards that all members of Accace Circle help to co-create. Another advantage of working with and within the community is the constant improvement of our identity and experience. Accace Circle is a live prototype and all its members dedicate their time and resources to reach the highest level of innovation and experience for any company interacting with The Circle.  

The vision for Accace Circle 

While Accace Circle has been growing for several years until it reached the point of official formalization, its journey does not end just there. “It was a difficult journey and it still is as we have an ambitious goal for the upcoming decade when it comes to geographical footprint,” reveals Mihaela, as she refers to the shared goal of the community to reach 50 countries by 2028, which is becoming increasingly more realistic with each addition to the Accace Circle map – like a recent expansion in South Africa. Each expansion enlarges the community and, more importantly, opens the doors for all partners within The Circle to new exciting business opportunities lying ahead, both professionally and personally.

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