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Accace Hungary saving the Old Linden Tree

October 4, 2018
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Thanks to the hard preparation of the weeks passed by, the main CSR event of Accace Hungary in 2018, which was combined with the annual team building program, succeeded from every point of view.

The location is the Bánó Estate, Felsőmocsolád, where the employees of Accace Hungary aimed to clean the environment of the Old Linden Tree, which was nominated as the Tree of Europe in 2012. The 40 volunteers were divided into different teams, such as cleanerstourist sign painterscarriers, and diggers. Because of the coordinated team work, our colleagues cleaned up the road to the famous tree, painted tourists’ signs to make sure all the hikers find their way and can approach the tree smoothly. The carriers and the diggers made sure that along with the plaque, a bench is also placed closed to the tree, so the hikers can take a rest while admiring the nearly 400-year-old tree.

The hard work paid off, the representatives of the Local Government and Villagers have expressed their gratitude in the form of local wines, so the completed mission was followed by a hearty dinner and big celebration.

In addition to the CSR activity, there were team building tasks as well to accomplish, which were also a great success in the two days spent together. Lajos Mocsai, former handball captain of the Hungarian National Handball Team held a motivational training for each of the employees, which was followed by a photo shooting in customs of the 1900’s giving us an insight of the life of the fancy castle life of the beginning of the 20th century.

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