Advisory online portal

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Advanced technology leveraged to meet your evolving demands for better advisory services

We offer you secure access to our Advisory online portal, our in-house designed cloud solution  providing an effective communication and document exchange channel – and thus improve your user experience with our advisory services.

The web-based platform allows specific managers and other employees access to relevant information via a user-friendly interface. Your company will effectively consolidate all data, documents and other information in one secure location, while access is granted through varying access rights. Your productivity increases because you spend less time looking for specific information. The portal can also be utilized as a private advisory hotline.

Access help from anywhere

Receive advice anytime, through a user-friendly personalized interface, using any device

Get the work done

Create forms, assign tasks and queries, define workflows and track the status of all actions on cloud

Attain peace of mind

Tackle deadlines and make sure all tasks are done, documents prepared and filed accurately and on time

Users of the portal encounter no limitations. The  portal can be utilized for all advisory services and any type of project – ranging from tax compliance and legal support, to consultancy for specific projects such as mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, due diligence, transfer pricing or even applications for funding and grants.

Secure, effective and transparent communication to provide you with end-to-end, fully online advisory services

  • User-friendly and paperless, the Advisory online portal can help standardize your firm’s important processes, reduce errors and enhance certain reporting capabilities
  • You can access the consultancy services anywhere and anytime on a variety of mobile devices
  • Create immediate efficiencies that help your employees with their organizational objectives, as they spend less time looking for the information they need
  • Attain peace of mind that all deadlines have been met, tasks have been completed, documents and filings have been prepared and approved – with all actions recorded in a cloud environment
  • Increase managerial satisfaction, productivity and top-down communication throughout the organization

Encounter no limitations

Utilize the portal for projects of any kind: tax and legal compliance, M&A, due diligence, transfer pricing and other

Collect data effectively

Use customized forms to collect data for preparing tax returns or legal documents

Utilize the advisory hotline

Use the built-in advisory hotline – assign queries, track their status and manage response deadlines

Organize data in cloud

Consolidate documents in a user-friendly and secure online vault, with no limits to size and format

Track the work in progress

Design your own workflows and track all actions through activity logs and email alerts

File manager

Consolidate and organize all data and documents in one user-friendly and secure online vault. All documents uploaded to the portal – without limitation to size and format – can be sorted, filtered, viewed, shared or downloaded at any time and from anywhere. All access action can be tracked via activity logs; user access rights and workflows can be assigned per a single document or different document categories. Receive immediate notifications regarding completed actions and access.

Online tax and legal forms

All customized forms can be set up directly in the portal to collect the data and information needed for preparation of tax returns or legal documents. Attain peace of mind that all company tax policies and compliance requirements have been timely prepared, approved and recorded electronically.

Advisory hotline

Any ad-hoc consultancy can be effectively provided via the built-in Advisory hotline. Track workflows, assign queries, track their status, and manage response deadlines thanks to an integrated email alert and notification system.

Portal security features

The installation of appropriate security features in the Advisory online portal was one of the top priorities of Accace’s in-house IT team. Top security features include the loss prevention of sensitive personnel and company data outside the organization, blocking of unauthorized access to key data as well as identifying and preventing theft and other cyber-crimes.