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Content of the child-raising allowance file in Romania | News Flash

May 21, 2019
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The child-raising allowance and the state allowance are granted only at the written request of the entitled person and may be requested by a single application, the way of submitting the documents being thus simplified, by the Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2010 on the indemnity for raising children, with subsequent modifications and additions.

What documents are needed to prepare the child-raising allowance file?

1/ The application request for child-raising allowance/insertion stimulant (signed and completed by both parents);

2/ Identity card of the applicant (copy and original);

3/ Identity card of the other parent (copy and original);

4/ Child birth certificates (copies and originals);

5/ The marriage certificate, for the married parents (copy and original);

6/ Other documents, by case: documents proving the divorce, documents of entrusting the minor, the death certificate, the placement decision, the adoption papers (copy and original);

7/ For payment through bank transfer: proof issued by the bank that must contain the name and surname of the account holder (the account must be on the name of the person entitled, who is the file holder), the holder’s Personal Numerical Code (CNP), the IBAN code;

8/ Fastener folder;

9/ In the case of salary incomes:

  • The certificate (Annex 2) filled in correctly by the employer
    If during the 12 months prior to the child’s birth the applicant has received meal vouchers, as well as other bonuses offered by the employer (for which no social insurance is paid), he/she will attach to the file a certificate with the detailed amounts.
  • Proof of suspension of the activity/termination of the activity, as the case (decision, order, provision, additional document) – copy and original
  • Certificate with contribution from the Pension House (if the employer is not based in Bucharest)

10/ In the case of income from independent activities (copyright and copyright related rights, income derived from the exercise of medical, law, civil, commission or other salaried income, income obtained as the Registered Sole Trader/Independent Employed Person):

  • Evidence of income generated in the previous tax year (previous fiscal years) of the child’s birth, according to the period stipulated by the emergency ordinance, issued by the tax authorities
  • Proof of income calculated for the anticipated payment of the tax/tax declaration provided by the law for the categories of income for which the law does not provide for the issuing of a tax decision by the central fiscal body for the income made in the year of the child’s birth
  • Proof of interruption of activity (certificate issued by the bar/financial administration/resolution from the Chamber of Commerce, additional document, document issued by the competent institution), as the case may be;
  • The certificate that includes the period of income and the table explicitly with gross income per month, social contributions withheld, withholding tax – mentioning both the retained percentage and its value, net income per month – for the child’s year of birth, for income earned from copyright
  • The copyright contract, as appropriate (copy and original)
  • Declaration on own responsibility that the following year will present APISMB, proof of the actual revenues, issued by the financial administration, as the case may be;
  • The certificate of maternity leave and the amounts received each month

11/ In the case of people who have attended the pre-university/postgraduate/pre-university education courses during the last year preceding the child’s birth, for the preparation of the child raising allowance file, they must attach, besides the documents mentioned in points 1-7 and point 10 – the certificate issued by the pre-university or, as the case may be, the university, certifying the attendance of the daily courses without interruption, until the date of its request;

12/ Statement on the protection of personal data under EU Regulation.

Other mandatory documents for preparing the child-raising allowance file

  • The other parent’s statement that he/she does not benefit of maternity leave;
  • The certificate of maternity leave or the certificate stating that the mother did not apply for the maternity leave granted according to GEO no.158/2010;
  • The declaration on the sole responsibility of the person entitled to raise and care for the child and that it is not entrusted or given to another person or to an authorized private body or public service;
  • The child’s qualification certificate for a degree of disability.

Submission deadline

 The file should be submitted 30 days prior to child-raising leave (suspension of activity) or up to 60 working days from termination of maternity leave or from birth date, as the case may be.

Where should the file be submitted?

The child-raising allowance file is submitted at the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection of the district where the parent belongs. Also, the list of documents required for the file may be modified, depending on the internal requirements of each district.

The beneficiary of the child-raising allowance is obliged to notify, in written form, the resumption of the activity and any change in his/her situation, such as to cause the termination or suspension of the payment of the rights, within 15 working days from its occurrence.

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