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Frumoasa Office, 30 Frumoasa Street, 2nd floor, 1st district, 010987 Bucharest, Romania

We are constantly driven by the desire to bring innovative solutions, as well as to pass on our know-how and support new talents. Our inhouse Romanian team backed up by a network of international advisors is ready to provide you with start-up advisory in Romania and a valuable experience in the field of accounting and payroll outsourcing, tax, legal and transaction consulting.

We take pride in our history of successfully assisting both small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large Romanian and international companies from various industries. Our goal is to assist Romanian start-ups in accelerating their growth.

Romania’s startup ecosystem is increasingly attractive due to its highly educated, tech-savvy workforce and competitive costs. The country offers a favorable business environment with low corporate taxes for micro-companies with a turnover lower than EUR 500,000 and government incentives, especially in the tech / construction / agrifood sector. Romania’s strategic location in Eastern Europe provides access to diverse markets, and its integration with the EU opens up additional funding opportunities. The growing number of successful startups is fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture, supported by a collaborative network of accelerators, incubators, and investors, making Romania an ideal destination for innovative startups seeking growth and success.

Comprehensive start-up advisory in Romania under one roof

Launching a successful business presents its challenges, but with our start-up advisory in Romania, you’re in capable hands. Our expertise is rooted in a unique blend of financial, legal, tax, and accounting know-how, all available under one umbrella. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company, focusing on core business functions has never been more crucial. By entrusting your needs to our team of seasoned professionals, your start-up can achieve rapid growth and scaling.

Choose from the comprehensive full-service offer for start-up advisory in Romania, covering:

Start-up establishment

Financial services for start-ups

Legal advisory

Company valuation of start-ups

Sale of shares

Negotiations with investors

Wide range of services for your start-up in Romania

Embark on your start-up journey with our expert start-up advisory in Romania. We guide you to make decisions that are well-informed, ensuring the initial steps of your business are directed towards success. Our comprehensive suite of services, specifically designed to meet your unique needs, includes specialized support in tax, accounting, legal, and financial areas. Leverage our extensive experience in BPO and advisory solutions to unlock the true potential of your company.

Benefit from our start-up advisory in Romania and across the globe

With a presence in over 50 locations, we offer expert start-up advisory in Romania and also globally. Expanding into new markets presents challenges such as navigating complex legal frameworks, understanding local tax regulations and establishing reliable financial systems. Our in-country teams, supported by international advisors, bridge these gaps with tailored solutions. By combining deep local expertise with global insights, we help startups manage compliance, mitigate risks, and focus on growth. Contact us to discover how our start-up advisory and other services can support your business expansion and growth.