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Environmental awareness program | Accace Slovakia

August 7, 2018
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In recent times, we often hear about distant ecological crises, and we tend to think that if they do not affect us directly, we should not be as concerned. However, the exact opposite is true. If some changes on the other side of the globe do a great deal of damage to the environment, the consequences will reach us as well over some time. Our concern with sustainability in our Accace Agenda 2020 is not only figurative, but we indeed care about the environment and, in particular, the impact our activities cause on our surroundings.

We want to become an environment-friendly company that will set an example. But, in order to achieve improvement, we need to be sufficiently informed about the harm we cause, the availability of solutions and, above all, we need to start taking action as individuals.

Because the small decisions we make every day can lead to the world we want in the future.

This summer Accace Slovakia launched an environmental awareness program that will help them to pause for a while, open their eyes, get surprised and shocked and, above all, discuss important topics related to ecology and the environment.

Before the start of the whole project, our colleagues could measure their knowledge with an interactive ECO-themed quiz. During July and August, our colleagues are given the opportunity to attend various workshops, excursions, and screenings of interesting documentaries dealing with the “zero waste” lifestyle, technology and construction, fashion, and waste recycling issues in terms of sustainability.

Movies and documentaries

For the screening of the films the program is the following:

  • Before the Flood – The movie uncovers an alarming evidence about the current climate change issues and investigates ways for preventing a fatal impact on our future
  • The Clean Bin Project – This is a document about a couple who took up a challenge of 365 days without producing waste. How did they adapt to the so-called “zero waste” lifestyle, how did they succeed and how did a year without waste affect their lives?
  • The True Cost – This is a shocking documentary about the clothes we wear, about the people who make it, and about the impact of the fashion industry on our world.
  • Tomorrow – This document provides a comprehensive view of how activists, organizers and citizens are trying to change the world for a better, greener and more sustainable place.


Accace Slovakia invited experts on waste-free living, circular economy, sustainable development in fashion and housing, and waste sorting:

  • Life of zero waste – Petra Slezáková, author of the blog
  • Slow fashion – Ivana Maleš, co-founder of the Institute of Circular Economics
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Joint excursion to OLO
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