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We are launching the next international round of our AceON Accelerator program| Press release

February 8, 2024
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At Accace, we leveraged the solid foundations of our original #accacelife accelerator and, in collaboration with another strong partner, transformed it into the European AceON Accelerator last year. In March, we will be launching the next international round of our AceON Accelerator program, welcoming dozens of start-ups, and are prepared to offer potential investments to the best among them.

The year 2023 marked a historic milestone for AceON Accelerator, and despite being its inaugural year, we achieved significant success. Right from the first spring program, there was considerable interest from high-quality start-ups eager to participate in our accelerator programs. The program attracted founders with ambitious goals of becoming global players. Since then, some of them have successfully launched their products in several countries or secured initial investments, such as Wopee (an autonomous testing bot for web apps) and Mapheim (a builder of visually appealing digital maps with various functions for use across industries). It’s truly inspiring to witness the rapid progress of these talented individuals with whom we’ve had the privilege to collaborate at AceON Accelerator.

In the spring program, our CEO, Mihaela Pašek-Virlan, will also help start-ups

Launching a technology company poses significant challenges, making it invaluable to receive support from outstanding partners like Accace and ZAKA, along with their in-house experts. Peter Pašek, Managing Director & Partner of Accace Slovakia and Co-founder of AceON Accelerator, actively engages in mentoring and delivers lectures in all our programs. The upcoming Spring Accelerator 2024 will be no exception, where he will cover topics such as start-up valuation, ESOP, term sheet, and convertible debt with the participating founders.

In the upcoming program, our CEO Mihaela Pašek-Virlan, alongside Laura Stefan, Managing Director & Partner of Accace Romania, and Barbora Debnárová, Business Development Lead at Accace International, will also be actively involved as mentors.

In addition to the guidance provided by experts from Accace, personal support has been extended to start-ups by Ján Kasper (Co-founder & Managing Partner at ZAKA), Andrej Petrus (Chief Investment Officer at ZAKA), Slavo Tuleja (Managing Partner & Founder of Kiuub), Bohumil Pokštefl, (exited CEO of Kontentino and Co-founder of SaaS Garden), Milan Novotný (Director of SEO & Content from the renowned Slovak start-up CloudTalk), and others.

We collaborate with ZAKA in investing through the accelerator in the most promising start-ups

What do start-ups need? The typical response to this question is the need for capital for various purposes such as product development, marketing, sales, and expansion. AceON Accelerator, acting as an investor, is capable of providing financial support to those who successfully complete the program and fulfill the specified criteria.

We are prepared to offer investment opportunities ranging from 50 to 70K EUR to emerging start-ups. However, it is imperative for them to perceive scalability and the potential for swift expansion into global markets. Additionally, a crucial factor is a well-balanced skillset of the founders.

Founders interested in joining the Spring Accelerator program have until March 7, 2024, to submit their applications through the AceON Accelerator´s website. The program is scheduled to begin on March 21 and concludes with Demo Day in May.

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