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Due to the demanding statutory requirements and frequent changes in legislation, payroll and HR administration is becoming an extremely challenging and resource-consuming agenda – not only in the Czech Republic.

Opting for our payroll and HR services in the Czech Republic and shifting the responsibility to a local team of seasoned experts is a safe bet. It not only diminishes the administrative burden, saves time and resources, but most importantly eliminates the potential risks of non-compliance and resulting penalties from local statutory authorities.

Payroll agenda processing in the Czech Republic

Our payroll services in the Czech Republic cover the following functions and tasks:

  • Data collection & payroll calculation: Take-over and check of all input data and pertinent information in order to process an accurate payroll calculation, gross-to-net calculation of all employee deductions, taxes and net salaries in compliance with the statutory requirements; calculation of off-cycle payments
  • Benefits and bonuses administration: Calculation of benefits and bonuses based on provided schemes, such as medical or life insurance, pension plans, vacation time, sick leave and maternity leave
  • Payslips distribution & payment administration: Generation of payslips in hard-copy and password-protected PDF files, distributed by email or saved on the online self-service portal for employees; preparation of payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities
  • Hotline support for employees for their payroll inquiry handling
  • Statutory reporting: Regular payroll-related statutory reporting and filing to Czech authorities, such as the Tax Office, Labour Office, social and health insurance companies, statistics offices and other, including regular communication with these authorities
  • Personal income tax settlement: Annual reconciliation of personal income tax, including assistance to employees by collecting the information and necessary documents
  • Management reporting: Regular standard reporting package in the agreed scope, as well as any other specific reports your management needs

HR outsourcing in the Czech Republic

As an extension to our payroll outsourcing services, we also provide onsite or offsite HR support, ranging from general tasks, such as personal files management and preparation of employment relationship contractual agenda, to more specific HR consultancy – in order to make sure that all your statutory reporting and compliance requirements applicable in the Czech Republic are met. We also provide a wide range of tailored solutions and services designed to fit perfectly the specific needs of your HR teams. Our HR specialists can act as your local HR department.

Our services help you to manage the following tasks:

  • HR files administration: Organizing and keeping all personal files of employees in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Newcomers and leavers agenda: Registration of new or leaving employees at local authorities, administrative support during the on-boarding process, preparation of employment related documents and other HR documents for new or leaving employees, provision of necessary trainings for e.g. payroll process, T&A
  • Completing a tailor-made employment contract 
  • Employment documentation: Preparation of employment related documents, such as contracts, amendments, job descriptions and other, based on provided templates in compliance with the Czech legislation
  • Support for your employees: Hotline support for your employees, certificates and documents on request.
  • Benefits management: Administration of various types of benefit systems, cafeterias, meal vouchers, Multisport cards, etc.
  • Business travel administration from accounting and tax point of view:processing the agenda of business travel from the beginning to the end of the trip, including support in processing the bill
  • Audits and inspections: Representation in regular and extraordinary communication with the Czech statutory authorities, support and guidance during audits and inspections, preparation of required supportive documentation, resolution of any disputes
  • Additional consultancy: Related to Czech personal income tax, health insurance and social security, non-residents and global mobility
  • Preparation of A1 application 

Payroll and HR online portal in the Czech Republic

Our Payroll and HR online portal offers a convenient self-service function that enables employees to manage numerous tasks on their own – in a secure, user-friendly online environment. Employees log in to the portal to access their payslips, send a ticket to their payroll accountant, fill in data for their yearly tax clearance, request time-off, manage business travel or settle travel expenses. The usage of the employee self-service portal by HR teams goes far beyond regular document and workflow management, as it provides various HR administration modules as well.

Main functionalities covered by the payroll portal interface:

  • Payroll data exchange
  • Payslips distribution and archive
  • Payroll inquiry handling via online tickets or video calls
  • Payroll and HR reporting and full archive

Our portal also offers unlimited possibilities for HR module integrations, covering the areas of:

  • HR and personal files maintenance
  • Preparation of employment related legal documents
  • Yearly tax clearance management
  • Benefits administration
  • Time and attendance: management of absences and shift planning
  • Business travel management and settlement of travel expenses
Labour law overview for the Czech Republic

Get your questions answered on work entitlement, contract, employment termination, social contributions, income tax, working time, vacation, temporary work and much more with our guide on labour-law and employment.

Labour law and employment support in the Czech Republic

As an integral part of our payroll and HR services in the Czech Republic, we offer a comprehensive labour law support provided by our experienced team of Czech legal experts. They are ready to address the following matters related to employment relationship in the Czech Republic:

  • Design and implementation of internal HR processes, development of guidelines, policies and procedures, preparation of a standard set of templates
  • Preparation of employment contractual documentation, such as contracts and amendments, job descriptions, termination agreements, liability for damage and material responsibility agreements and others, fully in compliance with legal requirements and best practices applicable in the Czech Republic
  • Resolution of various employment related matters, such as working time and shifts, employment termination including mass layoff, working conditions, annual leave, parental leave, health and safety at work, employee benefits and other areas
  • Consultancy related to GDPR and personal data protection in the Czech Republic

Accace s.r.o. | Accace Legal s.r.o.,advokátní kancelář

CITY TOWER, Hvězdova 1716/2b, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

Accace Outsourcing s.r.o.

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