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Environment, social, and governance – or in short, ESG reporting in Hungary serves as a framework that reflects a company’s dedication to sustainability and ethical responsibility. The movement towards mandatory ESG reporting in Hungary is driven by both legal requirements and societal expectations, emphasising on the importance of transparency and ethical conduct across diverse business sectors. At the moment, it primarily applies to larger corporations and specific industries within certain jurisdictions, reflecting a global trend towards corporate accountability.

Although ESG reporting in Hungary is not yet mandatory for most companies, but voluntary reporting offers several benefits. Most significantly, it demonstrates a proactive approach to sustainable and ethical business operations.

Voluntary ESG reporting in Hungary: A strategic move for your business

Opting for voluntary ESG reporting in Hungary positions your company as a leader in corporate responsibility. Adopting ESG practices early, you gain a competitive edge and strategic advantages, elevating your company’s reputation and meeting the evolving expectations of stakeholders, customers and business partners. This proactive approach contributes to long-term business success and societal well-being, demonstrating your commitment to sustainable growth.

Benefits of ESG reporting in Hungary

Strengthen relations with stakeholders in Hungary

In Hungary, developing strong relationships with stakeholders is increasingly crucial. The significance of ESG reporting is growing among Hungarian customers, suppliers, banks, and potential employees, all of whom are placing greater emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance aspects of businesses. Notably, it is becoming commonplace for banks to request ESG reports or carbon footprint assessments from their clients and suppliers. With more companies preparing these reports, the demand from business partners is expected to escalate further. Additionally, an ESG report serves as a comprehensive document consolidating all the relevant information, thereby facilitating effective communication of sustainability and social responsibility initiatives while fostering robust stakeholder connections.

Gain a competitive advantage in Hungary

ESG reporting in Hungary offers more than mere regulatory compliance; it serves as a crucial factor in gaining a competitive advantage. In today’s market, clients are actively seeking business partners who demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By providing an ESG report, you transparently showcase your dedication to making a positive environmental impact and exceeding minimum standards.

Make your business future-proof in Hungary

With laws and regulations continually evolving, ESG requirements are expected to extend small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the future. By strategically incorporating ESG principles into your planning processes, you prepare your business to effortlessly adapt to emerging mandates and lead the way in non-financial corporate reporting trends.

STAND out in the crowd with voluntary esg reporting

See how these 9 transformative benefits of voluntary ESG reporting can give your business a competitive advantage.

How can we assist you

Our team of Hungarian experts is prepared to develop an ESG report for your company that aligns with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our methodology focuses on producing clear, concise reports presented in a visually appealing format that mirrors your brand identity and design. Alongside ESG reporting in Hungary, our services encompass additional consulting for employee development and environmental conservation strategies. For instance, our tool for analysing company vitality and social environment can estimate and assess employee satisfaction and perceptions regarding company culture, and colleagues. These insights can effortlessly be integrated into your ESG report to inform employee-focused initiatives and activities.

Our service offerings feature a range of specialised solutions customised to meet your ESG needs:

  • Consultation with an expert to define and accomplish your ESG objectives.
  • Development of thorough ESG reports compliant with CSRD.
  • Support and advice in environmental management.
  • Analysis of company vitality and social environment, with advisory on enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Detailed analysis of carbon footprint to improve your environmental impact.
  • Legal consultancy focused on ensuring effective company governance and compliance.

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