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Medical Examination for Employees in Hungary | Tax & Fiscal Alert

September 29, 2014

Based on 33/1998. (VI.24.) NM Ministry Decree on medical examination concerning suitability for sphere of activity, profession, and in regard to personal hygiene, the medical examination required for the position can be: 1-preliminary; 2-periodical; or 3-extraordinary

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Preliminary medical examination concerning suitability for sphere of activity shall be performed prior to the beginning of the working process; before the change of the position, the work place or the work environment. In the case of working abroad, which exceeds two weeks, the examination must take place prior to the outward journey.

Periodical medical examination is required on an annual basis for the following cases:

  • the employee is under the age of eighteen,
  •  the employee is aging,
  •  the employee is employed in a position for eligibility for age allowance, defined in specific other legislation,
  • the employee works abroad (if the performance of periodical medical examination is not provided abroad), during temporary home-stays or home-visits,
  •  the employee is employed in a position, where risks of accidents are highly increased, the frequency of periodical medical examination is regulated by the decree.

Extraordinary medical examination concerning suitability for sphere of activity shall be provided in the following cases:

  • the employee’s health condition highly changed, which may make him/her unable to hold the position complying with occupational safety and occupational health requirements,
  • the employee, who is obliged to fulfil the document „Medical declaration”, experiences symptoms listed in the declaration on himself or any family members, living in the common household,
  • Following the cases of acute occupational disease occurred at work, extreme exposure, periodical occupational accident or occupational accident with loss of consciousness at the same time,
  • Sickness or disease of the employee, which might have been caused by occupational reasons, furthermore following the duration of incapacity which exceeds thirty days,
  • the suspension of the employee’s working activity – not for medical reasons – exceeds six months.

If you’d like to receive more information about details of medical examination in Hungary, please feel free to contact us.

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