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Our cooperation with Klíček Foundation in the Czech Republic

November 8, 2017
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We, from the Prague branch office, are quite active at CSR. In 2017 we have chosen several smaller CSR projects and then a big one, on which we would like to focus the most. As a big project we decided to financially support Klíček Fundation whose main goal is to improve support, help and care for seriously sick children and their families both in hospital and at home.

The easier part of the cooperation was made in May – we transferred money for a summer camp organized for children with illnesses of different kinds. A bigger challenge awaited us in the summer as we decided to help not only financially, but also actively engage in the preparation and running of the summer camp. A few days before the camp’s beginning, volunteers from the Prague office helped with building of tents and teepees, cleaning of the campsite and general preparation of the campsite for the arrival of the children.

We also decided to visit children during the running of the camp and we prepared a day full of games for them such as painting with sand, hand manufacturing of bracelets or work with color papers. In the afternoon, we organized a game in the woods. It was a great day and an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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