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Our help for premature babies in the Czech Republic

November 8, 2017
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There is a traditional dominance of ladies in Brno branch office. And so, no wonder that babies won, when Brno employees were deciding who will be supported from CSR budget in 2017.

We are proud owners of a painted pot

On last Monday in March we took part in a charity auction called „Pots for preterm babies“. The auction was organized by the Museum of historical pots and toilets. The profits were donated to The Foundation for Premature Children and Their Families which aims to help families who find themselves in difficult financial and psychological situations, following the birth of premature children.

30 public figures decorated potties which were then auctioned. We became the proud owners of a potty decorated by painting of Michaela Kuklová, Czech film actress.

„The approach and activities of the fund appeal to us very much, so we decided to support it with another financial gift transferred to the fund´s account“, said Jana Vasilenková, Managing Director of Brno branch.

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