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Restrictions on movement in Hungary: forms for employees who leave their residences for work | News Flash

March 30, 2020
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On March 27 2020, the Hungarian government issued further regulations and tightened the conditions for who can leave their place of living. The main purpose of these conditions, which are in force since 28nd March, is to allow citizen to leave their homes only in cases when it is absolutely necessary.

Download Employee form as PDF

Download Agent or Contractor form as PDF

Many of the activities covered by the regulation are exempt from the conditions, one of them for example is leaving home for work purposes.

The two downloadable forms are great help for employees and those working based on an engagement letter to prove to the authorities with an official certification that they have left their home for work purposes.

In the case of the engagement letter, either the appropriate title (megbízott/vállalkozó or megbízó/megrendelő) in the document should be underlined, or the irrelevant deleted.

The form can be expanded as desired and can also be customized for the regional representative. For such and similar job positions, it is advised to prove where exactly the employees go to. It may be worthwhile to include exact destinations or counties into the forms.

In addition to the form, it is worthwhile for employees to keep the employment contract and/or job description on them.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we cannot foresee the practice of law enforcement related to the new government decree, therefore we cannot guarantee that the documents will always be sufficient, but currently there are no restrictions or regulations in the decree.

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