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The seniority statement – a mandatory document for Romanian employees | News Flash

March 5, 2019
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The seniority statement is a document attesting the length of service and may be issued either by the current employer or by the former employer, upon request. The document must be issued in accordance with the provision of Government Decision No. 905/2017, regarding the general register of employees.

Employer’s obligations

The current employer is obliged to release a statement of seniority at the termination of the individual employment contract. This document is usually accompanied by an excerpt from Revisal (the general register of employees).

Also, the former employers have the obligation to issue a document attesting the following: salary, seniority related to working period, specialization period, or an extract from Revisal, upon request. The document must be issued by the employer within 15 days, considering the employee’s request date.

Such provision is stipulated into the Government Decision 500/2011 and, as well, into the Labour Code (article 34, paragraph 5), which states that “at the request of the employee or of a former employee, the employer is obliged to issue a document certifying the activity carried out by the employee, the duration of the working period, salary, seniority into the job and specialty’’.

What must contain the working seniority statement?

The working seniority statement must contain the following information:

  • Employee identification data,
  • Employment contract data (the number and signing date),
  • Duration of the working period,
  • Employee position, including all the positions during the employment period,
  • Employment contract modification such as suspension, modification of the clauses, closure, termination etc.,
  • Salary and other permanent indemnities taking into consideration by the pension contribution,
  • Seniority in terms of working period and specialty,
  • Unpaid vacation days,
  • Unmotivated absences.

Requesting an excerpt from Revisal

In case the employer does not exist anymore, or the database from Revisal is unavailable, the interested party may apply a written request to the Local Labour Authority. Based on the written request, the Labour Authority could release an excerpt from its own electronic database within 15 days.

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