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We became a member of the Attorneys Pro Bono programme in Slovakia | Press Release

April 11, 2016
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In Accace, we care a lot about our employees as well as the environment and community we operate in. We are aware of the fact that not only the environment has an impact on our business but also we can affect our environment. So we strive to assist our surrounding communities and create a better place for all of us to live.

As a part of our corporate social responsibility we participate in blood donation on a regular basis and organise various donations and charity events for those who need it most. We also focus on Pro Bono projects and provide professional services and consultancy to selected disadvantaged groups free of charge.

Since 2016 our law office Accace Legal o.z. became a member of the project Attorneys Pro Bono, which is operated by the Slovak foundation Pontis. In this project, among other 15 law offices in Slovakia we offer free legal consultancy to non-profit organizations and their clients who can hardly afford it. We provide them with professional consultancy, prepare necessary legal documentation or we represent them in front of the third parties. In this way, we try to help them to decrease the administrative burden and focus fully on their activities that help people in need.

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