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What provisions should be included in the company’s mandatory Internal Regulation in Romania?

July 10, 2018
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It is compulsory for each company to have internal regulations. Apart from handing over copies of the internal regulation to the employees, it is also necessary to have the internal regulation displayed in a public area within the company so that everybody could see it.

The minimum provisions that should be included in the internal regulation are the following:

  • rules regarding work security and protection;
  • rules regarding the non-discrimination;
  • the rights and obligations of employees and employer;
  • rules regarding the work discipline;
  • rules regarding the sorting out of employee individual claims and requests;
  • the procedure regarding sanctions to be applied in case the work discipline is not observed;
  • rules regarding the application of specific labour agreement provisions;
  • rules regarding the maternity protection;
  • rules regarding the assessment of the employees.

The Company should also be able to prove that copies of the internal regulations have been submitted to all employees.

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