Transaction advisory in Turkey

We have an extensive experience in transaction advisory including acquisition and sale of companies, corporate restructuring, and other complex transactions in Turkey. Our advantage lays in the unique mix of financial, legal, tax and accounting expertise under one roof, which enables us to identify all potential risks and propose an optimal structure of the transaction. When dealing with such, the focus on core business is more desirable than ever. Having trust in a team of experienced experts will allow you to be in control of the business opportunities: both old and new.

We can ensure business evaluation and risk assessment for the parties involved in the negotiation process, find the right structure for the transaction and the applicable legal frameworks in Turkey, provide consultancy and the necessary documentation, as well as any post-transaction services required.

Our experienced inhouse team in Turkey, backed up by a network of international legal and tax advisors, is ready to support your strategic business decisions by providing services in the areas of:

  • Due diligence and structuring of the transactions: financial, tax and legal due diligence, preparation and planning of the transactions, documentation and set-up of processes, legal and tax realization of the transaction, post-transaction services
  • Financial and accounting consultancy: including management of the ownership structure, creation or restructuring of the holding structure, optimization of the financial flows, evaluation of the assets and the company, IFRS consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions: full-range tax and legal support during mergers and acquisitions, split and reorganizations, post transaction legal support
  • Transfer pricing services and consultancy
  • Representation before tax offices and all statutory authorities

Financial health check services

Examine the specifics of an incorporated legal company in Turkey with our financial health check services. The service scope is customized based on the client’s needs, whereas the general approach mainly includes the following:

  • Review of foreign natural persons as company shareholders: their translated, notarized apostilled passports and potential tax numbers received from the tax office
  • Review of foreign legal entities as company shareholders: the translated, notarized, apostilled certificates of activity and potential tax numbers received from the tax office of the parent company
  • Review of natural persons as company shareholders: documentation regarding their Bag-Kur records
  • Power of Attorney information, granted on behalf of the company
  • Trade Registry Gazette (initial and up to date)
  • Company tax plate

What is examined within the service scope

  • Regular filing of documents
  • Submission of tax declarations in time and any missing declarations
  • Compatibility of declarations and assessments with the records
  • Accurate reflection of income and expenditure calculations on profit and loss tables
  • Accurate reflection of numbers on the balance sheet
  • Status of the company safety deposit, bank account, cheque, deed, and other liquid assets
  • Revision of how the non-deductible expenses are booked
  • Fulfilling of the capital commitments, reservation of provisions
  • Consistency of sales amounts, items of import and export
  • Revision of the positions of common current accounts
  • Consistency of records related to material assets and embezzlement
  • Submission of records on time and their objectivity
  • Current financial risks
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