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Partnership agreement: Erna Evans Ltd. continue its professional work as part of Accace Hungary | Press Release

September 26, 2019
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As of August 2019, Erna Evans Accounting and Consulting Ltd. officially continue their professional work as a member of Accace, thus, in addition to the international development and expansion, Accace further strengthens its market position in Hungary.

The story of agreement

Throughout the years of involvement in many joint projects, a reliable relationship was established both business- and human wise between the management of Accace Hungary and Erna Evans. By the beginning of 2019, the goals set by the founding owners of Erna Evans were successfully achieved by the company in the domestic market, but for the sake of further development and to reach new levels, strong international presence is essential.

After lengthy negotiations, the final decision was made in mid-August in a form of a formal agreement, meaning that Erna Evans has joined Accace .

The agreement between Accace Hungary and Erna Evans was supported not only by the trust and good relationship between the management of the two companies, but also by the similarity of the shared values, management, and professional approach and attitude towards clients and employees.

The Future

From October 2019 on, the employees of Erna Evans Ltd. will officially strengthen the team of Accace Hungary, while the clients will be part of the Accace client-portfolio. After the successful integration to Accace, all employees will be working towards to achieve our goals together. The respected employees of Erna Evans can further develop professionally as part of the Accace family and provide the existing customer base with the high-quality service they are accustomed to.

About Erna Evans

ERNA EVANS Kft. focuses on Hungarian subsidiaries of foreign (mainly French) companies and Hungarian affiliates of companies in the USA, Switzerland and other European countries. Operating in a wide range of economic sectors, they have a high level of specific knowledge in the fields of advertising and media, leasing or rental services, real estate development and operations, while being also familiar with the specifics of a wide range of agricultural activities ranging from seed production through wine-making to the trade of cereals and pesticides.

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