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Non-resident companies with Romanian employees: 3 things to consider for compliance | News Flash

July 6, 2023
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In light of the global pandemic and the widespread adoption of remote work, nonresident companies have increasingly turned their attention to the Romanian workforce, particularly in sectors that can easily accommodate remote work arrangements. As part of their strategies to attract and retain employees, these companies are considering entering into individual labor agreements with Romanian tax residents who will work from their home offices in Romania.

Permanent establishment in Romania for tax liabilities

However, before proceeding with such agreements, it is essential for these companies to conduct a thorough analysis of the risk of generating a permanent establishment (PE) in Romania.

The concept of a permanent establishment holds significant importance as it determines the potential corporate income tax liabilities that nonresident companies may face in Romania. Recent declarations made by the Romanian tax authorities have emphasized the necessity for nonresident companies to carefully evaluate whether their activities conducted through their employees in Romania satisfy the criteria for establishing a permanent establishment.

Determining the existence of a permanent establishment involves considering various factors, such as the nature and duration of the activities conducted, the presence of employees or agents in Romania, the utilization of facilities, and the level of authority exercised within the country. It is advisable for nonresident companies to engage professional guidance and conduct a comprehensive examination of the available information to accurately assess the potential PE risk.

Social contributions in Romania for non-resident companies

In Romania, there are several social contributions that are in the charge of the employee on a monthly basis: health insurance contribution and social (Pension) insurance contribution, while the work insurance contribution is in the employer’s charge.

The currently available alternatives for nonresident companies to declare and pay social contributions in Romania are the following:

  • Registration of the nonresident employer for social contribution purposes in Romania. Thus, the employer will file monthly tax returns by way of which social contributions will be declared and paid to the State Budget. Regarding personal income tax, it will remain in the charge of the employee who is also be required to file the personal income tax return on a monthly basis. In conclusion, two separate returns will be submitted on a monthly basis.
  • Shifting the responsibility in terms of social contributions to the employee by way of concluding a separate agreement with the employee who will take over the obligations thus arising. Hence, the employee will file one single tax return comprising also the personal income tax and social contributions on behalf of the employer and will pay all tax liabilities arising as a result of the employment agreement.

Each alternative entails pros and cons which shall be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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